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Katarina Kostic and Flower Company, Belgrade

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Today… in fact to be a little more precise- this morning- a little miracle happened. A pastel bouquet from The Flower Company in Belgrade. The colours radiate harmony and their softness just realigned me by putting a warm smile on my face. Nothing less, nothing more. It was and it is bloody worth it. Flowers are such a simple thing but so important in our daily lives. A quick fix of beauty. Nothing is forever anyway.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 16.26.33

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 16.27.03

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The shop is located in the street Strahinica Bana, 27, Belgrade and if you would like to have a quick peek at the fabulousness online check out

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 16.59.28

The owner, Katarina Kostic is a striking and talented woman. After many years engulfed in the world of marketing and communications she wanted to give a voice to her very lively creative side. Ignoring the usual cliche of finding her “new self” in the role of yet another fashion designer she decided to pair up her creativity with the love of nature. After obtaining the certificate from the world famous flower design school McQueen Flowers in London we now get to purchase some of that talent too in the heart of Belgrade. On your marks, ready, set… gooooooo….as we have the Sveti Nikola slava tomorrow …hurry before all the flowers make their way out of the cooling cave. And do not forget to wake up each day…to a new bouquet.

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My interview in Officiel Italy shot at the Fendi headquarters in Milan wearing total look Fendi

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Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.07.33
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.06.51
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Interview- Marco Sette, Vesti l’Arte

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During the Venice Film Festival I stumbled upon these wonderful scarves. They have beautiful designs on them and are also very soft on the skin. I wore mine immediately in the plane when I embarked on my trip back to Paris. I wanted to find out more about this brand and asked Massimo Dirollo a couple of questions!

How did you get the idea to start producing your scarves?

Fashion has always looked up to art as a source of inspiration, as a sort of Museum ante litteram, a “Wunderkammer” from which it derives its ideas. This relationship has evolved in the early twentieth century, going from a one-way to bi-directional relationship, certifying a process of hybridization between the two fields: patterns, colors and shapes were first used as a symbol of protest and rebellion. They have now become “intent to stimulate elegance “, expressions of technological know-how and of tireless pursuit. We have always believed that on these assumptions, creativity and uniqueness, the liason between Fashion and Art is formed. Vesti l’Arte is its synthesis: Fabric that hovers and does not weigh, colors that flow like the bed of a river. This is how the body regains its outfit and its measuring.
Where is it made?The entire process is strictly and entirely Made in Italy. Even the printing in high definition is obtained by means of sophisticated equipment of the latest generation. We use high-tech innovation processes: the final outcome, we could say, is a work of art.

Have you always worked in fashion or this is your first venture?Vesti l’Arte was founded in 2013 in Rome, thanks to the initiative of 4 people from different sectors: fashion, entertainment, jewelry and production. In this sense, based on previous experiences, we’re not new to the fashion world.Specifically, the production process is based on the excellence and experience that Arcieri – the company of two of the founders of Vesti l’Arte – has developed over the last decade.
Who are your favourite painters?Without a doubt the impressionist painters but also the “Macchiaoli,” not only because it denied the importance of placing the object on the same level as all genres (historical, religious and secular), but also for the Impressionist color theory, which suggested approach points in minutes without the mixing of colors, so as to obtain smooth surfaces to “live” and always in movement.
With Vesti l’Arte our eye becomes the painter and our body the frame. Why then have we started with “Modernist” KLIMT? This remains and will remain our little secret.

What are your next projects? Produce “limited editions” with 100% cashmere yarn: we speak of scarves, stoles that weigh not more than 40 grams: giving you the feeling of holding small clouds in the palm of your hands! A very ambitious project for the delicacy of the tissue and the high capacity of absorption of color in the printing process. The first samples have also left us speechless: stunning! We will be the first to achieve such a thing. We will use a revolutionary and unique printing process very complex and expensive, but that will not dye the fabric … you’ll find out soon! In addition, we will implement our Jewelry line and finally, we are studying the “Puntillisti” that led to the highest expression of the concept described above: the colors do not exist alone, but only when combined with others. We expect a lot of work, but it’s definitely inspiring!
Favourite city in the world?I do not want to seem parochial, but we live in a city defined by others as “eternal” and so are obligated to say Rome: its roofs, its views, its immaculate scenery, its history, september evenings, the westerly winds, and we could go on and on.
Favourite restaurant in Italy?We have no option but to choose LARTE in Milan!
In fact it is not only a restaurant but also a gallery, an exhibition space, emotional, hosting and welcoming, like a house, like a work of art … And then it is also very close to La Scala in Milan, in front of the “Gallerie d’Italia” and few meters away from the “Museo Poldi Pezzoli” and “Casa Manzoni”: in short, is the perfect place for us, perfect for Vesti l’Arte.
Favourite film? Concise and straight to the point: “Roman Holiday”, “The Devil’s Advocate,” “Babette’s Feast,” “Edward Scissorhands” and finally, it goes without saying, “The Great Beauty”.
WHere can we buy your scarves in Italy ? Worldwide? We started with the distribution only in March and, for the moment, only in Italy. Currently our creations can be found in Rome: “Red & Blue” (Piazza di Spagna) – “Cenci” (Pantheon) – “Zita Fabiani” (Monte Sacro) – “Boy Jewels” (EUR) – “Stuff d ‘Gold “(Flaminio), etc..
In Milan: at the showroom of “Fiorella Ciaboco’s stylist” ( Como 9)
In Como: “Doris Vinci”;
In Sardinia from “Mario Vassallo” (Olbia-Tempio)
And of course, you can also purchase products on our website:
Who would you like to see wearing your scarves?Without a doubt, Johnny Depp, an actor magnificently extravagant, eccentric, nonconformist, one who looks at the world with imagination. In the words of Tim Burton, “JD communicates even when he is not speaking, you do not know what he’s thinking but from the eyes, you understand everything”. We could say the same about Vesti l’Arte.
We also love Jennifer Lawrence because of her honesty, she has character, she’s sexy, charming, vibrant, thrilling, in other words, the screen lights up with her on it.

What is your life philosophy? Good is not good if it is not for everyone and of everyone.
Next to the economic good we place importance to the good of mankind because we believe that the former is useless without the latter. We want to combine old and new, tradition and innovation to get to that integral quality that is the result of the inner quality of everyone. We think that style is the dress of thought and elegance, the beauty of the soul that spreads like a mysterious light, giving beauty to the body. Let’s look with the heart, convinced that the essential is invisible to the eye. For this reason, our creations are combined with those who appreciate the value of a product that blends style with the elegance of tradition.
We believe in a sort of “entrepreneurship ethic” work pursuing a common goal that lays on top of everything on a scale of non-material values in which we are recognized as part of the entire company. Because for us, the relationships, both internally and externally, are based on core values, knowing that only the confidence, esteem and mutual respect can be the basis of a good dialogue between people. We are a united group, where everyone has the awareness of having a role to play for the good of all.

For more information please call or visit the Vesti l’Arte site
Telephone : 0039 06 70 16 16 24

Interview in this week’s Spanish HOLA

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Interview- Artist Vincent Edmond Louis

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When Vincent showed me his “Faceless” project I immediately found it interesting and fresh. Shooting  beautiful women and then covering their faces- an idea to concentrate on something else? I wanted to discover his inspirations and what drives this young artist.  I’d like to introduce you to a young international French artist who after his US passage divides his time between his atelier in Switzerland and Paris.

What does photography represent for you?

This seems like an easy question to answer but it really isn’t. My views on photography have varied over the years as I have a slight thorn in my side with the direction the digital 21st century has taken the medium.I fell in love with photography at a relatively young age. I took my mothers Pentax 35mm on my first trip to India in the summer of 1995. I think I blew through a few rolls a day. I felt like I owed it to my family to document every single thing I saw and experienced as they could not be there with me. After returning from my trip the anticipation of collecting the developed film from the local drug store was like Christmas in the middle of the year. After flipping through the shots and seeing the whole trip again for the first time and explaining to my family what, where, how and why each frame was taken was just an amazing feeling it was inexplicable. I think that’s when I figured “I’d like to keep doing this..”I think that photography was a way of immortalizing my excursions and in turn, myself, “I took the photo therefore I was there”.It was just amazing to be a photographer carrying a camera around capturing moments, friends places….Now everybody is a photographer and everyone has a camera on them at all times wether they like it or not. This has now made the subject matter, common and completely redundant. If I happen to see something incredible in the street fifty four teenagers will have shot it, done some editing on it and posted it online before I’ve even taken my finger off of the shutter release.Getting back to the point…. photography is and always will be the romance of a still image, (as long as it is not manipulated to over steer the viewer into a marketing trap), telling many stories depending on the interpreter. It lays in that field of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” where one see what he needs to see and one sees what he wants to.To be honest i don’t know how to go about describing it to you. Photography is what i know best, its my first true love and i think that what i am trying to do is to redeem it from its recent past as a tool to misguide people. i am trying to make her honest again. Its a relationship i am trying to fix….

Faceless- a great project where you photographed well known personalities but you decided to erase their faces?
How did this come about and what was your inspiration?

Its something i have always done, painting on photos writing on them etc… but as i mentioned before in the previous question i feel that photography has lost a bit of its soul and purity. We are so busy swallowing what the photographer and label or marketing agency is pushing down our throats that we are no longer using our brain and looking at the rest of the image. the whole picture.. there for by photographing a beautiful person, model, actor, celebrity, then taking a can of spray paint and removing the intended focus of the image, the subject, the viewer has no other choice but to appreciate the negative space. By appreciating the negative space and working your way around to the center of the now painted over subject, your mind starts to imagine what and who could be under this coat of paint. Your mind wanders, your imagination is set free. Proust once wrote: “let us leave beautiful women to men with no imagination” now i don’t literally believe this saying but i think in the context of what i am doing i can agree. I remove the obvious beauty so that the viewer may appreciate what is not so obvious, the work, the colors, the hair, the shoulder the list goes on……

You are working between Paris and Switzerland? What does each place represent for u?

Paris is a city that I have spent time in every summer renting a flat and taking in all the culture, beauty and history. I have never lived there full time and I figured I am at a certain point in my career where I need to set some roots physically. My work and creativity will never have a real home. I know an artist usually does not have a country or a home but, I have traveled the world over and my feet are getting tired. I loved and lived in NYC, Miami, LA, London for considerable periods of time, each serving their purposes creatively and personally. Being French, originally from the south, I thought it time to come home, back to France. Paris is a city that I have always felt good in, about myself, my work and at times I even feel a little sexier there…….

What are your upcoming projects?

There are many things going on. As I am talking to you I am on a layover in Munich heading to Gothenberg to work on a 2m ceramic rhino for a charity ball in September. The charity is called “a perfect world” 2013 was focused on the rhino and it being poached, hence my working on a ceramic rhino.

We just had London 14 art fair with my gallery, Galerie frank pages out of Geneva. In Zurich I should be doing a group show with bolte lang gallery. May I will be in NYC for a week with my manager, Kipton Cronkite, we have a few projects lined up and a few meetings. One with a record label and two established designer labels with whom I may be collaborating, all the while checking out freeze. I collaborated with house of Meandher last summer, which is an awesome Aussie shoe label, where I had the privilege to shoot the campaign with the lovely and funny Poppy Delevingne. So I am looking forward to seeing that. Maybe we will do another campaign together.Then i am doing another collaboration with Nick Fouquet hats. A  model buddy of mine launched it and they are amazing worn by all sort of cool people. thats gonna be fun. I am shooting the editorial for a Swiss magazine called Tribu magazine, where one of my faceless series will grace the cover.  I am psyched about that because it is distributed in Colette amongst other places, but you know… it’s Colette……., so it will be nice to see something I’ve done in a magazine on display there. Also in may I will be doing a solo show at Galerie frank pages in Geneva with the faceless series and perhaps some of the, (mirror), you are pieces. That were featured in scope art fair Miami.Then Basel with my gallery then we will see where the year takes us. I may be doing a show in Istanbul in 2015 depending on the social climate.

You studied Fine Art photography at Central St Martins in London. Why did you decides to study photography and why there?

First and foremost, London, one of my favorite cities most of my favorite artist hail from there or have lived there. Actually I did my foundation at saint martins. I later went to the London college of fashion, part of the London institute,  where I studied photography. It was the first year the course was launched in 2001. As for choosing central saint martins, well, that’s a particular story.  when I was filling out my Ucas application I did not have the courage to tick the saint martins column as I had only done A level art,  most applicants had done GCSE through to A-level. I had done GCSE music instead. In reality it was my high school art teacher that went ahead and check the box without my knowledge. While visiting other sub par art colleges in London my father called my mother and I during my interview and told us to stop whatever we were doing, to politely excuse ourselves and return to our hotel at once. In a panic we followed his instruction to the letter and when we arrived a fax awaited, subject heading ” unconditional offer central saint martins college of art and design London institute” So mom and I spent the rest of the time in London “touristing” it up as I immediately cancelled all of my other interviews and appointments.
But at the end of the there reason why I chose Saint Martins? Well it is an excellent school and I could bore you with the details on their approach to artistic formation, but bottom line, it’s Saint Martins, who in their right mind would not want to study art there? There is not enough space to list the talent that school has birthed, raised and guided.

You have lived in America and India as well-what were the essential experiences you draw from these two countries?

I try to visit India every year or two years i was offered a two year studio residency in Mumbai that i had to turn down, due to a personal matters. However when i do go i do spend a month or so, sometime even longer. I first went when i was fourteen years old and with my friend i met a a spiritual leader which changed my life. An eye opener of sorts, a peace within. India has changed quite a bit over the years but there is a certain peace you find within the chaos. Its like fractal geometry its a mess yet it has an order to it. Unlike the U.S. where there seems to be order but there is an underlying mess. I love the states for one particular reason, as there you feel the presence of hope all around, “yeah its gonna happen for me too, i am gonna make it”. Even if it does not, there is that energy, its presence is undeniable. The American dream….and what not.

Who are your favourite artists and why?

Marcel Duchamp -Mr. Duchamp experimented with different techniques. His conceptual approach to the art making process and especially his conception of the ready made and what constitutes a work of art. He refused to conform to the standards set by the arts “society” and was truly in, my opinion the true founder of what I have come to call the individualist era of today. A chess playing rebel in a suit.

David Hockney-Since i started to study photography his photomontages have always inspired me. My mock a-level final was a life size painted photo-montage, of myself.

Helmut Newton- as far as fashion photographers go….. it’s Newton…. no need to say more………
Where have you exhibited your work?

Stephan Stoyanov gallery NYC
Galerie Frank Pages geneva CH & Baden Baden Germany
Galerie de l’europe Paris FR
Gallery Gothenberg SE
Sakshi Gallery Mumbai, IN
BrickLane gallery London, UK
Scope art fair 2013
London ’14 art fair
Metropol hotel Monaco
artist space Stockholm SE
mercedes benz fashion week VIP lounge nyc

If you could be any person from a historical period- who would that be?

Da Vinci

A photo of me Vincent took in London

Interview-Anouchka Blatnik, owner of Vision of Splendor blog

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I would love to introduce you to Anouchka Blatnik, the owner of Vision of Splendor blog, and someone who I really look up to and share the same aesthetics. I look at her blog a lot as it really inspires me. She posts about visually sophisticated items and shares with us her refined taste in design, fashion , jewellery and travel. I wanted to find out more about her inspirations, background and the vision behind one of the most authentic blogs out there.

How did you come to the idea to create your blog?

I always wanted a site where I could share all the experiences of my daily life, in my work, my travels, my childhood, and the other things that influence me. But I wanted it to be a visual journey, so Vision of Splendor has been years in the making.

My previous ideas were way too big. They include a TV channel, for which I have all of the programming already set up in my secret folio, as well as another site completely different to this one. But I started Vision of Splendor because I was getting ahead of myself and imagining things from a large scope instead of smaller ideas that could grow immediately. I am actually a detail-oriented person, so I stuck to the one that would translate everything I do, like, have done, or will do. I decided that for the moment, blogs and online diary’s are to be the containers in which I pour the vast contents of my mind. I think Vision of Splendor fulfills me in many ways.

It’s a very cool name- indeed everything that I see on your blog is outstanding- where do you get the inspiration from?

Thank you very much! The name encompasses everything we see if we look at the world with our eyes filled with beauty, although I do not mean this in a superficial way. Beauty can move you deeply, it can make you smile, it can make you cry, it can inspire you, open up your senses, and I believe it can heal you. Because there is a lot of sadness, pain, and ugliness in the world, I thought, “Why not try and see the Splendor in everything you can?” Whether this is a place, a flower, a piece of music, or a piece of delicious cake, a scent, a colour…I can go on and on. There is such a vast amount of things that inspire me! I also love sharing all the incredible talent of artists and artisans, some of those who I feature on Vision of Splendor are still using traditional methods, while others are trying new methods to create. But mostly, they’re sharing with us their dreams, which they are turning into a reality for us to enjoy.

I am constantly inspired, whether I’m sitting at my desk at home or travelling across the globe. This is a big passion of mine and I actually have to reign myself in because the ideas in my head are constant. I love to read, see, learn, and experience. Vision of Splendor is my outlet, my “visual diary” as I like to call it, and I want it to inspire everyone…or at least to allow the visitor to have nice break from his or her daily life. Instead of “have a break have a Kit Kat,” I want you to have a break, have a 5-minute Vision of Splendor. Haha!

Did you study interior design? Your knowledge in this field is really exceptional.

I love your compliments Sara! Well, I always had a love affair with interior design, although I never formally studied it. I do have a couple of certificates in different areas that have helped me a long the way to open my mind up, but honestly, I feel it has a lot do with instinct, because interior design has many layers! I guess I see myself as more of an “interior stylist.” It’s hard to find the right word. But I was previously a sourcing agent and a jeweler, so I find that I can pick out things quickly, whether it’s furniture, fabrics, or soft furnishings. I feel as if I know where to place things so the energy of a room changes. I practice this a lot when I rent an apartment or stay in a hotel for a long period of time. I think about how can I make my surroundings more comfortable, homey, cozy, more ‘me’! Again, this comes from traveling, reading, and research, research, and more research in books, magazines, museums, and in practice!

There is so much inspiration out there, and it does not always have to be high-end to look good!

What does fashion represent for you?

Fashion was very present early on in my life. I did two years of fashion design in London and worked numerous jobs in that field. I really thought I was going to be a fashion designer at one point, but life had other plans for me.

It is really wonderful how Art, Architecture, Culture, and History inspire fashion designers. This is the side of fashion I love: the storytelling and creativity. It is very hard to come out with so many different collections year after year! Now, the pressure is vast for them, everything is moving so quickly, and the volume being produced is enormous. Boy, I am so glad I am not in that field as a designer. So I applaud them and thank them for bringing us such wonderful work and I hope my site helps them get inspired in some way.

Where were you born , what did you study- tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ahhhh…the long version or the short version?

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lived there till I was 13. My father was born in Maribor, Slovenia to Italian-Slavic parents and during World War II they immigrated to Venezuela, via Austria.

My mother was born in Cairo, Egypt to an Egyptian-born mother of Russian-Ukrainian heritage and a Italian-born father of Syrina-Italian descent. They too left Egypt during the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 and moved to Geneva, Switzerland. I mostly lived between

Caracas, Geneva and Gstaad, then, later moved to London, where I still live.

I studied many places, started out in JFK School in Saanen, then went on to Aiglon, then ended up for a small amount of time in Dobbs The Masters School in New York. After that, I moved to London were I did one year in a very British Bohemian Art School until I applied to the American College in London. This is where I studied Fashion Design and Business Administration. By the age of 20, I already had three jobs working on the weekends, in fashion of course, but, as I mentioned before, it did not inspire me as much as I thought. But, out of the blue my destiny changed when a friend told me of a job opening as a “temp” in a small PR and publishing company. The minute I met the owner of the company, Tina Cooke, I knew I would work there for a long time! She was my first mentor and later on became one of my closets friends. I learned so much from this woman who is completely self-made.

My first project after working there for only two weeks was based in Abu Dhabi. This was in the early 90′s and, luckily, I had a few very good friends who were from there, so it was “kismet” as they say in the Middle East! Again the learning curve I had there was immense, as this was a new country almost the same age as me! I became the head of the our Middle East Office, there, mostly staying in Abu Dhabi but also travelling to Oman, Qatar and some of Asia. This involved so much, putting together a national Team of Polo Players, building the Polo Club, getting the sponsors,creating the events, the Uniforms, the prizes with Garrards and so much more. I worked out on the filed a lot in the middle of the Desert, there was nothing then and nobody had done this before. It was lot of work but i manged and since I spoke a little Arabic, and my other great skills it helped!

This experience became my foundation. From that moment and even up to now, I have had several of my own businesses and I also became a jeweler for a couple of years. This is where I learned that I was good at spotting talent! I always studied something new, as I love to learn and improve my skills, but I did not have the time to pursue any other degrees, however. I better stop here, as this is the short version!!

Favourite travel destination?

This is a hard one as it changes all the time! However, I am very fortunate to be able to travel and I really try to see somewhere new every time I go!

One of my favourites is, of course, Bali, Indonesia. I have been going there for over 17 years and for me, this place is just pure magic. Capri has great food, romance, and still one of the most elegant places in this world! In the Middle East, it has to be Oman. This, to me, is true Arabia: kind people, incredible landscape, charming, and quiet.

Another place that I found to be incredible is Russia. I had a fantastic trip there several years ago and all I did was experience culture and more culture! It was just incredible! I went towards the end of May, just before the White Nights, and the light was magic! It gives off an ethereal quality. I took about 5000 pictures and so far, I’ve only posted 20 on the blog, there is more to come. All I can say is go visit and be charmed, as the Russians are great hosts.

In America, I love Arizona, California, and New Mexico! It’s another great country full of surprises and beauty!

There are still some more places am dying to go to: Bhutan, Burma, Mongolia, Peru, Madagascar, more of Africa, and my motherland, Egypt, which I’ve never been able to see fully. I really need a good travel partner!

Name 5 favourite hotels and restaurants in the world

Peninsula Beverly Hills for the best service I’ve ever had and the kindest Staff!

Como Shambala Estate (formerly called Begawan Giri) in Ubud, Bali which, to me, is the most incredibly designed hotel in the world. And not only because of the decor, it’s the setting, the sights, the sounds, everything! Once you get there, you wish you could just buy the room…complete with all the wonderful Staff! It is my healing place!

My other hidden gem is not a hotel but a spa/health retreat called Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona. This place changed my life in one week! Yes, really! There is something very special there, and even skeptical people who go come back feeling transformed in some way or another. It leans a lot on the spiritual side of life, but they do it in such a great way that it isn’t intrusive. And the Red Rocks! I mean, wow! Your mouth is hanging open all day long! When you look at them, they’re just spectacular. It’s also a great place to hike.

I also love the Gstaad Palace in Switzerland, because I grew up going there. And there are still a lot of people working there who have know me since I was born. I find this to be very comforting. The service and food are impeccable and there is so much history in this hotel. It just turned 100 years old! The other hotel I love there is The Olden, where I also grew up before we had a home in Gstaad. I used to stay at The Olden with my father and siblings.

This ties in to restaurants, as I think the food in Gstaad is delicious: La Fromagerie, The Olden, and Sonnenhof. This is closely followed by the food in Capri: da Paolino’s in the Lemon Grove, Aurora for pizza, L’Aqua, and just anywhere on the island! The Amalfi coast, Naples, Rome, Tuscany…the whole of Italy!

In London, I love Amaya (Indian), Cecconi’s (Italian), Lima (Peruvian), Kateh (Persian), Ishbilliah (Syrian)…god, the list can get long with me!

Favourite designer ?

Well, they are all on your fantastic blog! I love all your posts! Aquazzura, Elie Saab, Haider Akerman, Mara Hoffman, Ulyana Sergeenko, Alessandra Rich…I should say that I am more of an accessories person in every way!

If you could be transported into any historical era- which one would it be?

Any time between the late 1920′s to the 1960′s. Art Deco is my favourite style of all time in clothes, jewelry, furnishings, and architecture. Those 30 years to me are the strongest of all!

Ironic sensuality- Grazie mille per questo complimento GQ Italia- mi fa pensare a Monica Vitti e Lauren Bacal

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It’s really a SIEFF affair- Me by Sonia Sieff

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Read my interview in daily newspaper POLITIKA where I talk about the highlights of 2013

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French Vogue

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Absolutely in love  with the Chloe Baylee bag (in the photo) – it’s useful in the city and also when I travel. It fits most of my “gadgets” that I need for daily meetings and it’s the perfect size when you need to quickly pack and leave the country for a short trip . The French Vogue team came to my flat where we shot the story. I had a long chat with Eugenie Trochu and the photographer Herve Goluza before we managed to catch the last minutes of light for my portrait. I am wearing a Fall 2013 Chloe dress and Aquazzura shoes. If you are curious to see what is in my bag  – have a look at the following link :

Sara and Eloise in Paris- video by Dimitri Legrand

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Thank you Lifestyle Mirror!

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Thank you Buro!

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You can see the rest of the interview here:

Interview – Pier Luigi Loro Piana

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Timeless elegance-Recently I had the immense pleasure of watching the Loro Piana Carribean Super Yacht  Regata in Virgin Gorda, the British Virgin Islands.  The boats are complete masterpieces;  with the smalllest boat being 23 meters and the largest 61 meters you can imagine the atmosphere!  At dinner I was sitting next to the truly inspirational visionary-  Mr. Loro Piana, the CEO of  the Loro Piana Group. The  Loro Piana family started working with textile fibers in the valleys of Biella, Italy in 1812. Now into their sixth generation they have around 140 stores worldwide and  are the leaders in the luxury market.   As a great fan of the Loro Piana clothes  I wanted to find out more about the brand’s philosophy and how they came to the idea to organise superyacht regatas

1) As one of the top leaders in the luxury market and a 100% family owned business- what is luxury for you?

Luxury is uncompromising quality. Precious, functional items that will last forever.

2) Would you say that your clients are loyal to you as they are looking for the best quality, timeless design, rather than following trends? You follow the desires of your clients- How would you describe your typical client and what is essential to him/her?

Our customers are quality addicts, constantly searching for uncompromising quality and yes! they prefer to enjoy and invest in timeless elegance products which are classic- contemporary. They are men and women aged 30+, have a sound experience of wealth, professionally and socially active who travel the world both for business and leisure. Our clients go for the best in each and every aspect of their lives, and treasure our products that last a lifetime and more. Moreover, they are fond of outdoor sports and nature, just like us!

 3) What are the essentials for any man’s wardrobe?

A double breast blazer, a white shirt and of course a super soft Baby Cashmere sweater.

4) I know that you are a passionate sailor. When did you come to the idea to organize Superyacht Regattas and how come? What is the minimum size of the boats that can participate and tell us which has been the largest so far ?

We hosted our first Regatta in 2002 called the 3 Golfi in the picturesque sea of Capri in the Mediterranean. Sailing and the sea have always been two of my family’s greatest passions and I do actively participate in regattas. In line with the family’s authentic enthusiasm and company values, sailing represents the search for technical perfection in harmony with nature. For us, the sponsorship is about communicating the philosophy of our Company. It brings together people who truly love nature and yachting. Moreover these regattas are also great test-grounds for our products, as well as moments of joy and the occasions of meeting some of our customers and friends. Through a deep understanding of this activity, we design and produce garments that seek to satisfy the specific needs of the sportsman: always searching for the perfect union between aesthetics and functionality. Boats that participate to our Regattas are super yachts measuring no less than 80 feet, it’s hard to say  what has been the largest boat so far but I can tell you that Twizzle, which participated to the last edition of our Regatta in Porto Cervo, impressed me for its huge size: 57,5 meters. It is undoubtedly the biggest boat of the last 3 Regattas we hosted.

5) Investing in one clothing item that lasts a lifetime over buying many lesser quality items. Is this your philosophy? Would you say that Loro Piana clothes last a lifetime?

Loro Piana clothes are made to last. We are not a fashion brand, of course we provide our clients with a contemporary style but highest quality thanks to the best raw materials, comfort, elegance and functionality are the key aspects we pay attention to. They are made to last but one has to take care of them!

6) Is a Loro Piana look “low key” or is it becoming a recognizable statement of less is more – understated luxury?

We never liked to show off, so we prefer to maintain a low yet exclusive profile. We always pursue timeless elegance and discrete luxury.

 7) You had an exclusive contract with the Peru government in 1994 to buy Vicuñias, a relative of the llama that live in the high altitudes of the Andes . They were near extinction and you were chosen by the government to reintroduce the fabric into the international market to give incentive to breed the animals.

Indeed and we are really very proud f it. For many years, Loro Piana has been developing a relationship with the Peruvian government.

In 1967, the Peruvian government created the first 6,500 hectares re-population area in Pampa Galeras for the first carefully controlled restocking program.

In 1976, the CITES, the Washington bureau that regulates trade of endangered animals, categorized vicuna as one of the vigilantly protected species in which any trade was forbidden. Since the 1980’s enlivened by the desire to bring the Fibre of the Gods to the market, we made the first contact with the Peruvian Government and the communities of Campesinos. In 1987 Peru successfully requested that CITES earmark several vicuna populations for the international fabric trade, making use of the fibre obtained from live animals. At the same time the local Campesinos were granted a life interest in the vicuna and received an income from legal shearing.

In 1994 the ‘Sociedad Nacional de Criadores de Vicuna’ in its search for reliable partners to implement the project, under the aegis of the Peruvian Government, called an International Competition of merit. Loro Piana, at the head of a consortium, gained the honour to re-introduce the monitored and legally sheared fibre in to the world market, it was an exclusive right valid for 10 years.

Even if the species is now no longer in danger and the repopulation has been successful, we still have to take care of these rare and delicate animals and our involvement keeps on growing over the years.

This material is so special because, besides being beautiful, it is extremely fine (between 12 and 13 microns compared to 14/15 of the best cashmere; 1 micron = one thousandth of a millimetre), soft and really rare (each animal produces no more than 250 gross grams of the fiber) and that makes it also very exclusive and precious.
How do you go about looking for the best materials? Any other countries where you do similar things?

Our secret is the selection of the best raw materials available which we painstakingly source and select directly from the local breeders. Loro Piana has a direct presence in all the major markets where raw materials originate – such as China and Mongolia for Cashmere and Baby cashmere, Australia and New Zealand for fine Merino wools, Peru for Vicuña and Myanmar for Lotus Flower.

Vicuna in Peru

9) Loro Piana does a home range as well. Describe your ideal home?

Cozy, elegant, comfortable and….refitted with Loro Piana Interiors fabrics, the line we launched in 2006.(see below). When we project our houses we are often inspired by boats actually: we normally have big common areas -for dining and chatting – and smaller bedrooms

Dedicated to those who have become acquainted with the Loro Piana qualities over time, Interiors is a line of home fabrics conceived to dress one’s spaces with the same intimate elegance one dresses with. The fundamentals at the base of Loro Piana Interiors are: quality without compromise, research for the best raw materials in the world and rigorous controls during each step in the manufacturing process.

We guarantee a personalized service so any client can pick our items to embellish their houses, private jets or their yachts: they can choose the fabric and color that matches better with their furniture and the environment. Our range boasts over 600 fabric variants to upholster padded furniture, curtains and decorative elements that can be customized in terms of colors and patterns to match throws, blankets and carpets. Moreover, the fabrics undergo special treatments that grant top resistance and easy care while preserving their softness, lightness and comfort.

10) What are your next projects?

We are going to make a very important economic announcement at the end of this month of May about our further involvement with the Vicuna. Just an example to say that we constantly continue to research for the best raw materials in the world.

Concerning our future strategy we plan to keep this position by maintaining access to the best raw materials in the world, ensure excellence in the choice of raw materials when designing and producing our range of items and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of true quality amongst our discerning customers, now and in the future.

11) Please share with us your favorite classical music pieces?

I actually live jazz music: my favorite song is “My song”, a beautiful tune from Keith Jarrett which impressed me so much that I gave the same name to my boat.

 12) Favourite travel destination and best restaurant you have been to?

I love the sea so my favorite destinations are enchanting islands in the Mediterranean sea like Li Galli, Ponza, Sardinia where I host my Superyacht Regatta every year in June but also Greece offers marvelous places. Best restaurants for me are Tripoli in Portofino where you can eat delicious lasagna and Maria Grazia Restaurant in Nerano, in the Amalfi coast, that prepares an excellent pasta with zucchini. Every year I also go back to Ponza, the Island where we got married, and celebrate at Acquapazza. Cannot miss it!

13) Favourite city?

There are so many beautiful cities in the world. Rome and Florence are gorgeous, they represent history, culture and Italian beauty. Of course I love New York where I used to work a week every month and Paris, both magic cities. Not to speak about how lively Shangai is becoming.

Below Loro Piana clothes for him and her

Check out the upcoming June Regata here:

At Roksanda Ilincic’s London atelier viewing her Pre Fall 2013 collection

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I was really excited to see Roksanda’s atelier in East End London. We’ve been trying to meet up for ages but both of our schedules were quite insane in the last couple of months- traveling wise! Finally at the end of January we were both in London at the same time.  I was greeted upon my(messy) arrival by yummy biscuits, fruit and tea. True Slavic hospitality!

Roksanda at her desk in one of her stunning purple dresses

Last time  I saw Roksi was at her SS 2013 show at the Savoy hotel in London . Her deigns are as you might have noticed one of my favourites. Why? The Roksanda Ilincic woman is a lady. With a modern British twist.  There is something to be said on how her clothes  are   oozing femininity by floating around the body. Also her clothes are like sculptures- they would make a great exhibit in a modern art museum. and are real life walking sculptures. One of my favourite dresses of all times is below from the SS 2012 show.  Let’s not forget the stunning skirt suit from Fall 2012 too

Nor this  Pre Spring 2013 beauty

Me in some of her creations

Pre Fall 2013 was inspired from what American fashion designer Claire McCardel did in the  40′s and 50′s. I immediately fell in love with the small waisted grey dress with a  dominant  grey skirt and  pink collar. I felt very “sage” in it. I usually like how her clothes fall loosely around the body but this dress had a different cut. Roksanda is not afraid of vibrant colours and  this collection states that very clearly! Apart from talking clothes we really had “girl’s chat”: which is off the record and certainly NOT for the blogosphere…

That pretty much sums it up! My Xmas wish list! Thank you

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You can read the rest of my interview here:

My make up regime on Beauty Banter, best beauty blog across the Atlantic by New York city’s Sarah Howard

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Me in this week’s UK Grazia

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With my dear Matthew Williamson at his home

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Matthew’s home reflects his uber colourful collections inspired by India. I just love his house and how he decorated it….gold pineapples, bell jars, birdcages and wheat sheaf tables. I had to take snap shots of it!  No wonder that you really connect with some designers! It’s about having similar aesthetics, recognising this and inspiring one another. In the pictures above I am wearing vintage Matthew Williamson.  Below is my favourite shot of his first collection in 1997

I remember being obsessed with this dress. Helena Christensen in the famous cobweb dress

Dress: Matthew Williamson
Sienna Miller in the Butterfly crystal dress

Dress: Matthew Williamson

Some snapshots of Matthew’s beautiful Primrose Hill home…enjoy

My interview in the Telegraph today- go on and buy it at your local newsstand!

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I truly believe that our wardrobe should consist of items that can be worn now and in 10-20-30 years to come. The basics as I call them. Here in this in this interview for the Telegraph I talk a bit about the most timeless piece in my wardrobe, i.e. pieces that don’t age and are not victim to trends- Hermes Kelly.  You can read the interview in today’s Telegraph to here online : I am wearing an YSL top and trousers from the Fall 2012 collection and Rupert Sanderson Prunia shoes. Thank you Phong Luu,  Aurelia Donaldson and the Telegraph team!

Interview- Modern day princess, Princess Tatiana of Greece

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Beautiful Tatiana on her wedding day and what a stunning wedding. Dress by Angel Sanchez. Above
Tatiana: The blue strapless dress is Armani, it was such a beautiful day and great occasion we were celebrating- it was the night before Prince William’s wedding. I can always count on Armani for elegance. Below

Tatiana: I could never get through describing my style without mentioning the divine Venezuelan Angel Sanchez- who knows my body and always understand what it is I want. Below

Tatiana: J Mendel- an exquisite Grecian style dress that I wore the night before my wedding. I must say it is probably my favourite of all the looks. I really felt like that dress was a true expression of my style. Below

True style icon- I am not saying this because she is one of my oldest friends, from early teenage years!Even aged 13 she outdid us all with her spontaneous combinations of bits and pieces from New York, Latin America and Spain. Jewellery was always spot on! Refined, regal but always with a twist- a perfect example how a modern day princess should dress. We talk about her impeccable style and what are her latest finds in jewellery.
How do you pick your dresses and jewellery for your events?
Unfortunately I am not very organised when it comes to getting dressed for a big event. I leave it to the very last minute, I am usually in a panic, even though I have had months to prepare…
I never wear anything tight fitting, I am quite self conscious- and I love dresses that flow, that move as I move, that allow me freedom.
I am definitely a girl who loves accessories- I always try and add a hint of ethnic jewellery to a black tie dress. My mother has the most amazing style so I never go without asking her advice- and possibly “borrowing” some pieces. I love looking for unique pieces in markets around the world.
I also love Mesi’s unique shell rings, Annal Lu Ponti for the most exquisite elegant jewellery. Hemmerle is my current obsession and I can always rely on Couture Lab for unique jewellery as well as the fabulous Mauro Durant who works there for some tips.
Mesi ring

Hemmerle earrings

Hemmerle necklace

Is there a dress code for royal events- for example covered shoulders, etc…?
For white tie events, or if attending a ceremony in a church, I always cover my shoulders- as in the purple dress , usually with a little bolero and then take it off after dinner.

Read on for more images and rest of the interview Read more

Net – a – Porter Parisian issue interview shoot

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We had to style ourselves ( of course) on the set for the Net a Porter shoot and I choose two looks. Why? Well something that best represents my dress moods. First outfit is so simple but yet so effective- beautifully cut high waisted trousers with a silk body that shows plenty of skin- the whole back is open and in the front it tickles the imagination- not too much and not too little is shown- paired up with a sharp cut evening jacket and high fun heels. Jewellery adds a youthful and playful touch to a classic black and white outfit. Masculine femininity. I like to keep things simple the majority of times in my outfits. Read the full interview
Shop the look:
Body top: Gucci
Jacket: Gucci
Necklace pendant:Pamela Love
Necklace : Lanvin
Trousers: YSL
You can’t see them but I was wearing there: Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
You can also shop my style directly from Net a Porter on this link :’s_Style?cm_mmc=Facebook-_-ProductList-_-SarasStyle-_-TheParisPortfolio

Interview from New York- Elettra Wiedemann

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It’s wonderful to see affluent individuals in the fashion industry getting involved with food and promoting healthy eating. This is exactly what I had the pleasure to see when I popped into Ellettra Wiedemann’s pop up restaurant, Goodness in Uptown New York. A model, dj, Lancome spokesmodel with a Masters Degree from LSE ,the daughter of Italian actress Isabella Rossellini is quite the Renaissance woman. Her pop-up restaurant, Goodness, second year running, is only open during fashion week and healthy eating is a priority. Location is Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle a short distance from Lincoln Center where most shows take place. This season’s Goodness has earned the approval of the CFDA Health Initiative. We talk about her projects, inspirations and future goals.

How did the whole idea about a pop up restaurant with the best NY chefs come about? Were you always a big foodie?
I have been working in fashion for 10 years and I just finished my Masters Degree at the London School of Economics, where my dissertation was on the future of feeding urban populations in light of climate change. I guess my experiences as a model and what I learned from the LSE/my research created GOODNESS! Read more

Interview from NYC- Photographer Andrea Tese

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The themes and subjects of her photos are off beat, dark and raw.I am thinking the modern Diane Arbus? Most definitely. In modern day fast paced society Andrea is focusing on the possessions that an individual leaves behind once they die. A bit morose? Well….depends how you see things…but the fact of the matter is that these are not usual subjects. It’s the things we forget about or don’t see or rather choose not to pay attention to because it makes us nervous and uncomfortable. A bit like Arbus. Other works portray animal carcases and fresh blood or lonesome graves in highlands. Images are eerie , some provoke a beautiful numbness and others touch you with their rawness. You feel like you are standing next to her looking at it- the images are so real! We caught up in her incredible townhouse, a space that makes you feel transported to another world where for a minute you forget that you are in the heart of busy downtown New York City.

How did you get into photography? I took a photography class in high school and was immediately drawn to the magic of the darkroom.
Where do you draw inspiration for your work? I draw inspiration from my experiences. I think that (like most people) there’s enough material there to inspire several lifetimes of work. Read on for more images Read more

Interview- J. Mendel-At J. Mendel atelier and headquarters in NY viewing the Fall 2012 collection-exclusive

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Elegance, refinement, luxury. I associate closely with those three words  and would also use them to  describe J.Mendel’s creations. I had the privilege to visit Gilles Mendel at his atelier and the headquarters in New York to view the Fall 2012 collection, just two days after his New York show. As well as having a Marilyn moment with the designer above I got to browse through the entire Fall collection and have a chat with Gilles. Amongst all the collections in NY fashion week Mendel’s collection stood out for me as I find it very wearable for different age groups, diverse professions as well as for day or night wear. Lots of white and neutral colours make it quite a soft classic collection without forgetting some very strong looks, mostly in black and some maxi dresses that are sheer but overall it’s a very user friendly collection. There are some designs that can definitely be worn for the red carpet, not traditional Mendel red carpet dresses but more younger, upbeat versions giving the red carpet the cool factor. I loved inspecting the clothes. As you can imagine seeing them on the runway on models is not the same as seeing it in person or on yourself. Certain tops are structured corsets and fit incredibly. The Mendel coat is a definitive investment piece…you will wear it for years to come and perhaps pass it on to your daughters? The chiffon blouses are a must buy, so easily worn and again a must have in one’s wardrobe. All the trousers are an amazing fit and the leather ones a treat. The pleated skirts of different lengths  are a clever addition to any wardrobe. Don’t forget that this is all TOP quality. Enough of me chatting and boring you- I leave you to scroll down and see J.Mendel’s atelier, his inspirations for this collection and the fascinating process of how  fashion collections come together. Btw, before I forget- the shoes are by Manolo Blahnik.

The mood board for this collection was a Vogue fashion story shot by Helmut Newton through  Diana Vreeland’s vision on the grounds of Gaudi’s Sagrada Família cathedral in Barcelona

This light brown ensemble of shirt and trousers is so incredible, accessorised here with a fur jacket or why not a simple blazer or cardigan?

The mood boards for the materials used in the collection: cashmere, wool, fox, silk, crocodile…

Where all the magic gets made

xxx Read more

Interview from Paris…Lydia Courteille

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I am very proud and happy to post this interview from this one woman Parisian institution for fine jewelry. Only a household name with the real fine jewelry connoisseurs and a name that everyone respects highly within the art, design and jewelers circles, Lydia has been designing pieces for years worthy of a museum collections pieces. A true artist in every sense of the word and someone that has set many trends in the fashion jewelry as we know it today. Very selective with her interviews as well as her clients I had the privilege of  admiring her beautiful shop and jewelry  on my recent trip to Paris ….we talk about her inspirations, creative process and fashion…
You are an antique dealer, a gemologist and a jewellery designer. In which order did this happen?
Since my early childhood I was fascinated by the stones, archeology. I was reading books on history, geography, collecting small fossilised pieces, simple stones which seemed so attractive and precious. Later I started working in medicine whilst still being very interested in fashion, new designers and creativity. I once spent my whole salary on a legendary Snake zipper Alaia dress! I think there were two sides of me- scientific and creative. When combined it gives out my interest for the jewellery and the precious stones. I became a very passionate antique jewellery dealer but pretty soon  I realised that a I fell the strong need to create something new- something that never existed before. I was surely inspired by antique jewellery but I also never forgot what Mlle. Chanel has said: “To create new things you have to forget”. And this is how I started to make my first pieces, which were new in colour , shape and size- the pieces that I wanted to wear myself. Read more

Interview from Moscow…Natasha Zinko

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Two months ago  I went to the opening of Natasha Zinko’s first store in Mayfair in London and completely fell in love with the playfulness of Natasha’s jewellery designs. The “oh so seen” jewellery motifs such as the skull and the cross take on a new dimension in her designs. A fun one! Look at her vision of the human skeleton above. It’s a fantastic pair of earrings (they are also quite large in size) and make any outfit a good 10 years younger looking. Apart from skeletons,you can find many different symbols as well as….wait for it… rabbits and elephants!And it strangely works. Serious jewellery, as it is made of only precious materials and stones, but for that mischievous  girl always present in us. The store is at 46 Maddox Street , in the heart of Mayfair  and here you can also get a glimpse of her pret a porter collection called Abrakadabra which I dare say is reminiscent of Rick Owens. We talk about her inspirations, her new store in London  and her quirky jewellery and pret- a porter collection…
How did you get into jewellery design?
I have always had a passion for jewellery. I enrolled at Central Saint Martins and graduated with honours in a BA degree in Jewellery Design. I started by experimenting with objects to create jewellery and then I tried to focus on one theme to create an entire collection. Before entering Central Sain Martins, I enrolled myself at Chelsea College of Art and Design where I took a course in Fashion Design.

What inspires you?
Different things really. It could be a painting or piece of furniture or other concrete objects. But I am also inspired by concepts…like the idea of big and small. In my latest jewellery collection, I played with the contrast of bunnies and elephants. How they could co-exist, play, and interact. We called this collection David & Goliath. Go figure.
Read more

Interview from Madrid…Eugenia Silva, ambassador to Tatjana Anika swimwear designed by Tatjana Pesko

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I’m really happy to post this interview with the amazing Eugenia Silva who is the brand ambassador to  the swimwear brand Tatjana Anika designed by the very talented Tatjana Pesko.  I arrived this summer in Ibiza only to find out that the airline company lost my luggage and I was without any clothes and cosmetics for a good three days. Tatjana ran to my rescue and gave me her Tatjana Anika bikini and a beautiful dress to wear. Wow. I can safely say that the fit is incredible and the material is so soft. See what Eugenia has to say below about her style, this incredible brand and life in general….straight from a supermodels mouth….

How did you start modelling?
My first fashion contact was in 1992 when I was 16 years old and I won the Elite look of the year award.

You are absolutely stunning…could you let us in into your beauty regime?
Thanks a lot. I take care of myself but not obssesive at all. I eat eaverything and very healthy. I use nice products to take care of my skin and in madrid and in NU I have my facialist that help me when my skin gets tired. I practise yoga and pilates and in ny i go to exhale spa to a class called core fusion. Read more

Interview from Paris…Cire Trudon’s Executive Director, Julien Pruvost

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I am so excited to post this interview with the Executive Director Julien Pruvost of Cire Trudon. Cire Trudon is the world’s oldest candle maker established in Paris in 1643 and  has  supplied to the court at Versailles, through to Napoleon and beyond. It has the most beautiful collection of candles and most importantly heavenly scented candles that I can confirm burn very very long. It’s my favorite thing to buy for the house or give as presents. 

How did Cire Trudon develop to what it is now in the 21st Century?  Cire Trudon has become a synonym for the finest scented candles.  Carrying a strong heritage and genuine expertise, this institution has established itself through the centuries with a careful commitment to quality. Cire Trudon uses a perfect wax formula housed within a beautiful glass vessel and continues to unveil unique candles made with premium quality vegetal wax in respect to the environment. Crafted by glass artisans, each glass is unique and decorated with a gold shield. Traditional know-how, craftsmanship and innovation are values that symbolize Cire Trudon, a French Maison intimately linked to the City of Lights.

Constant adaptation to each period in history and the evolutions of science while keeping in mind what Cire Trudon does best: candles.

Read on for the rest of the interview Read more

US Vogue photoshoot with Patrick Demarchelier

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I love working with Patrick Demarchelier. He makes you look stunning. He has such an enormous talent and is such a kind person. I will never forget our first shoot together, in St Barths, Patrick if you are reading this wink wink wink! Again an amazing shoot for US Vogue this time. Thank you to such a great team! The gorgeous dress is by Lanvin….and of course the rings are by my favourite jewelry brand in the world …REPOSSI! I won’t mention the 7 million dollar jewelry I am wearing around my neck….Shame you can’t see my shoes- I wore the Erdem black and red velvet platforms.

Interview from Paris…Mallarino jewelry

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I remember seeing Mallarino jewelry for the first time. My journalist friend asked me if I minded that a friend of hers joins us for lunch and there it was-  I saw this beautiful ring sitting on her pinkie finger. Gold, small, delicate and beautiful. This is when I met Lucia Bueno Mallarino , the designer behind the jewelry brand Mallarino. Amazing girl and such a talented designer! The artisans that make Lucia’s designs use a delicate technique of filigree which consists in hand- sewing jewels with a silver thread and requires extraordinary manual skills and the love and knowledge of noble materials.  The tight relationship she has with the artisans is key to bringing the best of both worlds into her unique jewellery. We talk about her jewelry, Paris favourites(where she lives) and just all things girlie…. Read more

Interview from Los Angeles… Loree Rodkin

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I am very happy to be able to talk to the jeweller to the stars Loree Rodkin in person. I always thought that her designs were incredibly clever and visionary. She created the “bondage ring” some 18 years ago, a long time favourite of mine, which set this trend in jewelry making. We can see this trend present in many jewelry collections today whether it’s fine jewelry or fashion jewelry. The designs of Loree’s jewelry tickle my fascination with the occult. Loree is a true rock’n’roll chic at heart, a true eccentric, an avid collector of vintage jewelry and medieval armour… prime example where creativity sees no boundaries. She explains to me how she gets inspiration, her unusual beginning is jewelry making, why Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Taylor collected her jewelry and much more….

Jewelry making started off as a hobby for you. How did it all take off and when did you create your first collection?

Jewelry has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. Instead of Barbies it was jewelry. My mother would give me jewelry and I’d already had an opinion about it whether I liked it or not. Later on in my life whilst I was managing actors I became close with Robert Downey Jr. who was a client. He had a very turbulent existence and an addiction to substances. I was babysitting him. Since I did not drink or do drugs I would make jewelry to keep myself awake at night to watch over him.

In 1988 I made a diamond skull ring which was noticed by the owner of the influential Maxfield boutique in West Hollywood. My first collection was launched and sold out.

Read more

Interview from New York….Dannijo

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Meet the Dannijo girls….Danielle and Jodie.I’ve been a fan of their jewelry for quite some time and was excited to meet  them at their showrom in the Meatpacking district in NYC. Their jewelry is unique- every piece feels like a sculpture . Absolutely in love with the oxydised silver Kalbari necklace below. Chunky silver and colourful at the same time. Perfect match.

It can do wonders to any outfit, be it a summer long boho dress, jeans shirt and shorts decontracte  look, a smart white blouse or a simple black dress. The combinations are endless…. wearing mine non stop- I only take it off when I sleep.

How did you get into jewelry making? We grew up in Jacksonville, FL by the beach. We were always really creative from a young age. Jodie used to make cool beaded jewelry and once I found my dad’s medical tools, I taught myself how to wirework. We started collaborating and our designs got more and more intricate. We sold to local boutiques and ultimately our hobby turned into a business. Read more

Interview from New York…Pierre Frey

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Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the eldest grandson and namesake of Pierre FREY, the founder of our 75 year old French fabric house. He created it in the heart of Paris where we are still located today. Since 1972, my father Patrick is running the company, as well as remaining the Creative Director.

From the time I was born, my father has shared his love and appreciation for design, and not always in obvious ways.  It was the small details in everyday life, whether while traveling or at home, that he would point out to me.  It was the same for him and his father.  The company is very much a part of who I am, and who we are.  I think every family holiday we have ever taken has resulted in a fabric that is added to our collection. Read more

PRESS… in French BE magazine

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Interview from Paris…Caroline de Maigret

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I’d like to introduce you to Caroline de Maigret, a French model who has had a wide spectrum of jobs in the modelling industry- from very edgy to classic and from commercial to beauty. Lindbergh, Testino, Terry Richardson, Inez and Vinoohd ,Juergen Teller to name just have photographed her. I’ve known Caro for a while now and have to say that I have always liked her androgyne look and her admiration for music. Go aquarius! She owns Bonus Records now, is the hippest mum and just has that lovely relaxed vibe about her. We talk about her modelling career, Paris, her record label, fashion and much more…

How did you start modeling?

I was studying at La Sorbonne modern literature, didn’t know quite yet what to do with my life, so I thought at least I’d read some good books while! Scouts were coming up to me in the streets of Paris to ask me to model. One seemed quite pro and there it all started.
Any advice you can give to girls trying to make it in the modeling industry?
- Respect every client, get on your job in the morning as if it was the most important client you’d ever wanted to work with.
- Respect people: Put your problems on the side once you’re on the job and smile. Be on time. Be concerned and the job gets much more interesting.
- Read, watch movies, feed yourself. I’ve always had a notebook with me. In fashion, you have the chance to meet new people everyday coming from different worlds of inspiration, so when people tell me about a song, an artist, a movie, I write them down. Once at home, I look back at my notes and investigate. Read more

Interview from Rome…Marie Louise Scio

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Marie Louise Scio- second from left
I’ d like to introduce you to  the stunning Marie Louise Scio, the creative director and daughter of the owner of Il Pelicano hotel. This is such a unique destination not only because of its beauty but because of the rich history, tradition, exclusivity and quirkiness  and thus its capacity to  set  a high standard in the hospitality industry. We talk about the history of the hotel, her design studio, her style,etc…

What is your role at the Pellicano Hotel?

I started of by giving it a “facelift” as I studied architecture, from that I got into changing the whole image of the place and working in all areas of the hotel…I would say I’m the creative director of both hotels, the other being la Posta Vecchia which is 30 mins from Rome. Read more

Interview from New York…Christian Cota

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I’d like to introduce you to the hip NY designer Christian Cota whom after his very  first collection named one of their “Ten Newcomers to Watch”. In July of 2010, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and Vogue named Christian Cota a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist. Definitely one to watch! Stunning clothes! We talk about his inspirations, style, his collections, and life in general…


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am from Mexico City and after high school I went to Paris to study painting. There I realized the importance of fashion and how I could combine my two passions. Then I decided to come to NY and go to Parsons. After graduating and working in the industry for a little while and realized there was something pretty unique I could offer and in 2007 I decided to launch my own brand. Read more

Interview from London…Noor Fares

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I’d like to introduce you to the very beautiful and talented jewelry designer Noor Fares. The whole N.oor collection and its different ranges can bee seen on . After having studied at Tufts university in the US, courses in fashion PR and journalism at London College of Fashion and graduating from GIA she decided to pursue her greatest passion: jewelry.  We talk about her inspirations, collections and life in general….

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My bio is on my website for anyone who cares to see it but when it comes to a personal look at myself, I consider myself to be like other women my age but with the added experiences of traveling.  I am very fortunate to have seen a lot of the world and that has made all the difference to my outlook and personal style. At heart, I consider myself an artist that tends to view things around me from that perspective.

Read more

NEWS…PRESS section’s up…Sara Brajovic in ELLE

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NEWS…PRESS section’s up…Sara Brajovic in Russian Harper’s Baazar

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NEWS…PRESS section’s up…Sara Brajovic in Russian Tatler

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Interview from London…George Lamb

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When I first saw George I was blown away by  his allure. His style, reminiscent of 1960′s Amalfi Coast  with a hint of Britishness was just the glazing on top of his gentlemanly, eloquent and sharp persona.    As I don’t watch British TV very much apart from the news or the occasional Crimewatch I had no idea that he  is a very popular TV presenter. He also happens to be the partner of my friend designer Adrian Sauvage ‘s brand A.Sauvage that is very in demand in the UK.  We caught up at the  restaurant E&O in Notting Hill.

Considering that your father is a well known actor you did not follow  in his footsteps- how did you get into TV presenting?

I think acting is a transient business. I watched my father’s highs and lows and how his job played with him. He is a very proud man and it was not nice to see the how the uncertainty of the acting career messed with him.  My mother is an entrepreneur and she never encouraged me to get into acting. I started managing DJ mates in the 90′s- I was fully emerged into the world of dance music and clubbing and then when I spotted Lily Allen I decided to manage her. We made an album together but then people kept telling me that it was not it so I left that project. The album actually did very well.  When I reached my mid twenties I was a bit lost, did not know what to do and was ready to do just about anything! At this precise point a friend asked me if I wanted to present something on TV.  I realised that I really enjoyed working LIVE – the pure adrenaline of being live in front of the camera. I think I found my thing! Read more

Interview from New York…Valerie Boster

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I’d like to introduce you to Valerie Boster.  When I first met her  in NY whilst modeling I thought she was a model as well- in fact she works at American Vogue!   A fashionista but also a real surfer girl which accounts for her wonderful solar energy and down to earth attitude.

How is it working with Anna Wintour?

Inspirational. She is always a step ahead.

You must have access to the most amazing clothes at Vogue-are Vogue girls allowed to borrow?

Working here definitely exposes you to the best of the collections, and of course designer introductions, but we do not borrow anything that has been reserved for an editorial. Read more

Interview from London…Cora Sheibani

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Cora Sheibani born Bischofberger is the daughter of the great art dealer Bruno Bishofberger who was immortalised on the silver screen  by Dennis Hopper in Julian Schnabel’s 1996 film Basquiat. Yes. This charming family situation resulted in Cora collaborating with the world’s greatest artists -”for fun” -when she was four years old.  The artists in question? Just to give you an idea – one was Jean Michel Basquiat .Francisco Clemente also did a portrait of her.  Well we caught up at her home to chat about her magnificent jewelry line which is like herself unique and authentic. Be warned -  big budgets apply but you do get real quality  as it is hand made and you  won’t see another person wearing the same piece as you. Also wearing pieces designed by someone who was exposed to master- pieces from early childhood and who constantly interacts  with some of the most influential artists  today is not a bad thing either.

How did you get into jewelry design?

Well, I don’t like most jewelry out there so I wanted to make jewelry I like. For example I bought two bronze antique rings and wore it when we were at school together. Then I wanted to get into packaging and design but realised I would be told what to do by the clients and my creativity would be halted. Also it would have involved a lot of time in front of the computer. I wanted to have complete creative freedom and yet be involved  with a  hands on approach. I studied at GIA in London. Read more

Interview from Paris…designer Ora Ito

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My dear and very old friend Ito was made Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters in Paris by the French Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand. This is a great honour in France and is given to individuals who significantly contributed to the enrichment of the French cultural inheritance. Ito and I met as teenagers in Paris with not a worry in the world and would roam around the city with our crew getting up to no good.  When I received the invite in the post  for this great occasion I went to support my friend and I was very proud of him.  Bravo Ito! We talk about his beginnings in design,his projects, his beautiful home in Paris, more design and fashion….

How did you get into design?

I got into design as a kid. I took on  the big luxury brands  logo and identities (LV, Apple, etc) with no permission  and created models that did not exist.   I was the first person to put fake products on the internet  which created a huge confusion in the market as journalists would be writing about these products that did not really exist.  A young pirate. It all turned out well as my work was recognised by museums and I did not get sued. Read more

Interview from New York…Lauren Remington Platt

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I’d like to introduce you to my lovely friend Lauren who apart from having the  looks and wonderful manners  a is  savvy , independent and capable young lady. . Beauty+brain+manners rarely mixes together I find…..but in this case it ‘s a winning combination. She is the founder and CEO of Vensette- a house call professional make up and hair styling service for the multitasking women out there….

I feel like we have known each other for ages -  we met when you were studying at Columbia University in New York.  What did you major in?

I know, it has been ages!  We met when I was living in London for the summer.  Afterwards, I went back to Columbia, where I majored in English Literature.

You worked in a hedge fund/bank for a while. How was that?

I loved the intellectual stimulation of finance and working alongside colleagues who consistently inspired me. But in the end, there was not enough of a creative challenge to hold my interest long-term.  I love my job right now because I have the structured environment that I enjoyed having in finance, but also the ability to create innovative ways of looking at the beauty industry. Read more

Interview from Paris….photographer Sonia Sieff

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I’d like to introduce the incredible Sonia Sieff, daughter of world famous French photographer Jeanloup Sieff (his numerous monographs sit on bookshelves at my parent’s home library). Sonia is for me one of the freshest photographer’s out there today. I love the way her lens captures women’s personalities showing us their vulnerability and sensuality. We talk fashion, photography, her inspirations, travel and Paris…

Tell us a bit about yourself? Childhood, growing up….
Well, I grew up in a quite amazing family with a dad photographer and an intellectual and a German mother who was model. And they met… in a studio!

How much did your father influence you and your work?(you can see some of his work  below)
He influenced me first as a human being. In everything, taste, humour, character.. Read more

Interview from London…..designer Saloni

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I would like to introduce you to my friend Saloni Lodha, a London based designer with really cool dresses and share with you  her thoughts about  style, inspirations and her collection. Read more