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This blog
was born one sunny afternoon on a garden terrace in London. My friend was uncertain about what she wanted to wear that night, and asked for a little advice… Somehow we figured it all out. It might have just been the moment, but at this point she said to me: why don’t you write your own blog? Really? I instantly liked the idea but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I’ve always enjoyed giving tips to both male and female friends about various things, so I thought why not put it in writing and post it online? It is the thing to do in this day and age, it appears…. I write, post and photoshop everything myself. No one else working on this blog apart from me. I was born in Paris where I studied piano at Ecole Normale de Musique after which I went to University in London- King’s College and got a Bachelor’s degree in History. I worked in Sotheby’s London Impressionist department for a while and later studied theater and film at Lee Strasberg in New York. My blog is an outcome of an interest in literature, history, music, theatre, design, film, art and fashion.
So here we are….Madame recluse turned into Madame digital
In this blog I will be sharing style, fashion, travel, art and design tips and who knows what else – this blog is constantly evolving. Outfits is a section where you can look at different fashion items that I have pulled together, and where you can discover entire collections without having to go to a store or flick through a huge pile of magazines. You can shop for most of these looks directly from online stores by clicking on the names of items underneath the pictures. The Designer section is where I introduce lesser known designers to help you start mixing their exciting and sometimes unusual pieces into your wardrobe – if you have not done so already. Here I will also cover established fashion designers and their mood boards and influences . There will be a section on beautiful homes- home – and interior design to inspire you to start redecorating. Travel section is pretty basic and I will expand it over time. For now I hope it will be useful if you are traveling to NYC, Paris or London, etc…. In inspirations you can listen to some of my favourite music tracks I will also try and do as many interviews with friends along this great journey we call LIFE! Lots of love to you all! Sara
PS: this blog  wants to take you for a ride. It does not pretend to know what is wrong or right- there is no such things in aesthetics – everything is question of taste. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If anyone tells you otherwise – please slap them in my name.
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