On being a female dandy….Lou Salome

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Certain women use their intelligence for their flirtation. Upon meeting her Friedrich Nietzsche said: “From which stars did we fall to meet each other here?”. Liliana Cavani’s film Beyond Good and Evil (1977) was inspired by their relationship and is a must Russian-German novelist, essayist, psychoanalyst, and a muse, colleague, and companion for such authors and thinkers as Nietzsche, Rilke, and Freud. Lou Andreas-Salomé wrote widely on literature criticism, philosophy and psychoanalysis. With her indifference to moral conventions and insatiable intellectual curiosity, Andreas-Salomé challenged the gender roles of her day. She was one of the first female psychoanalysts to write on female sexuality, in fact she wrote her book Die Erotik  before she met Freud with whom she developed a close relationship. Freud said of her that she was “a woman of dangerous intelligence” but that “all the tracks around her go into the Lion’s den but none come out.”

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