Interview- Tiffany Theler owner of La Reserva Rotana, Majorca, Spain

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I was recently invited to my friend’s beautiful hotel in Majorca and had to share with you the incredible style and comfort of this place. Also – would love to introduce you to Tiffany Theler, the glamorous owner who with her family have been running the estate since the 1970′s.

Who came upon the idea to find this beautiful spot and develop it?
The estate was bought by my parents in the 70´s and then turned into a hotel when the kids went off to boarding school in the early 90´s.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you study and what are your origins?
I was born in Switzerland but grew up here in Rotana, Mallorca. I did my first years of school in the local village and was later I was sent to boarding school in Switzerland, where I meet you. After that came a university in Madrid which lead me to work in photography and fashion for a couple of years until I ended back here to run the estate.

Your home is here, there is a beautiful hotel spa and golf course and also there are properties that are up for sale?

Yes, the property has several plots of about 19.000m2 that we have built beautiful Villas on, of approximately 500m2. We have a construction company as well and have done every bit with love and making sure the Mallorquin tradition is kept. These Villas are serviced from the Hotel and its owners can take advantage of all the installations, such as a private Golf course, tenis, a gym etc…

Who was responsible for the decoration of the properties?

The decoration has been done entirely by my mother, who together with my father have over the years accumulated lots of antique furniture.

I know you are very fashionable- you seem to pull looks together without too much effort. What is style for you?
My style depends very much on my moods and my location. Style for me is looking great without having to make too much of an effort and without looking like you’re uncomfortable in your own skin. A pair of ripped jeans and a T-shirt sometimes looks way better than something pompous and stiff.

Favourite designers, brands?
Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta
This 2014 Valentino Pret a Porter collection is lovely but as I am a country girl I wear a lot of easy street collections and Zara things.
My everyday outfits tend to be jeans and dresses, specially when I am in Mallorca. For big events I love stealing my mothers vintage pieces. Luckily we have the same size.

You divide your time between Ibiza, Majorca and ST Moritz- tell me more about how you manage this?

Well Mallorca for me is work, in Ibiza we have always had our summer house and St.Moritz is a bit the center where all the family meets at Christmas. I love skiing more than anything and spend a lot of time there.
It doesn’t need much management as all these locations fit into the different seasons automatically.

Perfect outfit for Majorca?
If I am at work at the hotel I wear jeans, a shirt and sandals. A leisure outfit is usually a short dress again with flat sandals. For the winter its all about boots and cashmere.

Perfect outfit for Ibiza?
Ibiza on the other hand requires a bit more show, depending on the event it can be psychedelic catsuit or a white hippy dress

Perfect outfit for St Moritz?
I have gotten a bit tired of the overdressed crowds in St.Moritz so i like to wear something easy but cool. Leather trousers and a cool blazer.

Favourite restaurant in Majorca?

I would have to say that my favourite restaurant is my own, Sa Rotana.

Favourite city in the world?

I love London, but there are still so many cities I have not explored that I cant say I have a favourite.

Who inspires you?

My father inspired me all my life, and now I miss him terribly.

Iconic woman?
I love Frida Kahlo, strong, independent with a filterless mouth

For more information on La Reserva Rotana Hotel and Golf resort please click here:

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