Interview- Marco Sette, Vesti l’Arte

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During the Venice Film Festival I stumbled upon these wonderful scarves. They have beautiful designs on them and are also very soft on the skin. I wore mine immediately in the plane when I embarked on my trip back to Paris. I wanted to find out more about this brand and asked Massimo Dirollo a couple of questions!

How did you get the idea to start producing your scarves?

Fashion has always looked up to art as a source of inspiration, as a sort of Museum ante litteram, a “Wunderkammer” from which it derives its ideas. This relationship has evolved in the early twentieth century, going from a one-way to bi-directional relationship, certifying a process of hybridization between the two fields: patterns, colors and shapes were first used as a symbol of protest and rebellion. They have now become “intent to stimulate elegance “, expressions of technological know-how and of tireless pursuit. We have always believed that on these assumptions, creativity and uniqueness, the liason between Fashion and Art is formed. Vesti l’Arte is its synthesis: Fabric that hovers and does not weigh, colors that flow like the bed of a river. This is how the body regains its outfit and its measuring.
Where is it made?The entire process is strictly and entirely Made in Italy. Even the printing in high definition is obtained by means of sophisticated equipment of the latest generation. We use high-tech innovation processes: the final outcome, we could say, is a work of art.

Have you always worked in fashion or this is your first venture?Vesti l’Arte was founded in 2013 in Rome, thanks to the initiative of 4 people from different sectors: fashion, entertainment, jewelry and production. In this sense, based on previous experiences, we’re not new to the fashion world.Specifically, the production process is based on the excellence and experience that Arcieri – the company of two of the founders of Vesti l’Arte – has developed over the last decade.
Who are your favourite painters?Without a doubt the impressionist painters but also the “Macchiaoli,” not only because it denied the importance of placing the object on the same level as all genres (historical, religious and secular), but also for the Impressionist color theory, which suggested approach points in minutes without the mixing of colors, so as to obtain smooth surfaces to “live” and always in movement.
With Vesti l’Arte our eye becomes the painter and our body the frame. Why then have we started with “Modernist” KLIMT? This remains and will remain our little secret.

What are your next projects? Produce “limited editions” with 100% cashmere yarn: we speak of scarves, stoles that weigh not more than 40 grams: giving you the feeling of holding small clouds in the palm of your hands! A very ambitious project for the delicacy of the tissue and the high capacity of absorption of color in the printing process. The first samples have also left us speechless: stunning! We will be the first to achieve such a thing. We will use a revolutionary and unique printing process very complex and expensive, but that will not dye the fabric … you’ll find out soon! In addition, we will implement our Jewelry line and finally, we are studying the “Puntillisti” that led to the highest expression of the concept described above: the colors do not exist alone, but only when combined with others. We expect a lot of work, but it’s definitely inspiring!
Favourite city in the world?I do not want to seem parochial, but we live in a city defined by others as “eternal” and so are obligated to say Rome: its roofs, its views, its immaculate scenery, its history, september evenings, the westerly winds, and we could go on and on.
Favourite restaurant in Italy?We have no option but to choose LARTE in Milan!
In fact it is not only a restaurant but also a gallery, an exhibition space, emotional, hosting and welcoming, like a house, like a work of art … And then it is also very close to La Scala in Milan, in front of the “Gallerie d’Italia” and few meters away from the “Museo Poldi Pezzoli” and “Casa Manzoni”: in short, is the perfect place for us, perfect for Vesti l’Arte.
Favourite film? Concise and straight to the point: “Roman Holiday”, “The Devil’s Advocate,” “Babette’s Feast,” “Edward Scissorhands” and finally, it goes without saying, “The Great Beauty”.
WHere can we buy your scarves in Italy ? Worldwide? We started with the distribution only in March and, for the moment, only in Italy. Currently our creations can be found in Rome: “Red & Blue” (Piazza di Spagna) – “Cenci” (Pantheon) – “Zita Fabiani” (Monte Sacro) – “Boy Jewels” (EUR) – “Stuff d ‘Gold “(Flaminio), etc..
In Milan: at the showroom of “Fiorella Ciaboco’s stylist” ( Como 9)
In Como: “Doris Vinci”;
In Sardinia from “Mario Vassallo” (Olbia-Tempio)
And of course, you can also purchase products on our website:
Who would you like to see wearing your scarves?Without a doubt, Johnny Depp, an actor magnificently extravagant, eccentric, nonconformist, one who looks at the world with imagination. In the words of Tim Burton, “JD communicates even when he is not speaking, you do not know what he’s thinking but from the eyes, you understand everything”. We could say the same about Vesti l’Arte.
We also love Jennifer Lawrence because of her honesty, she has character, she’s sexy, charming, vibrant, thrilling, in other words, the screen lights up with her on it.

What is your life philosophy? Good is not good if it is not for everyone and of everyone.
Next to the economic good we place importance to the good of mankind because we believe that the former is useless without the latter. We want to combine old and new, tradition and innovation to get to that integral quality that is the result of the inner quality of everyone. We think that style is the dress of thought and elegance, the beauty of the soul that spreads like a mysterious light, giving beauty to the body. Let’s look with the heart, convinced that the essential is invisible to the eye. For this reason, our creations are combined with those who appreciate the value of a product that blends style with the elegance of tradition.
We believe in a sort of “entrepreneurship ethic” work pursuing a common goal that lays on top of everything on a scale of non-material values in which we are recognized as part of the entire company. Because for us, the relationships, both internally and externally, are based on core values, knowing that only the confidence, esteem and mutual respect can be the basis of a good dialogue between people. We are a united group, where everyone has the awareness of having a role to play for the good of all.

For more information please call or visit the Vesti l’Arte site
Telephone : 0039 06 70 16 16 24

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