Barbizon, petit village de peintres et la foret de Fontainbleau, France

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I wanted to go for a saturday run in the forest of Fontainbleau located 50 km from Paris and discovered the most charming French village Barbizon. This quiet village of north -central France became famous because of the pre-impressionist painters that made it their home, notably Theodore Rousseau and Jean Francois Millet. The art movement in 1850 that was focused on realism in art was named after this incredible little village and now we have the world famous- Barbizon school of painters. Of course no excursion would be complete without the very important gastronomic factor. I ate so well at the “Le Gaulois sur le Grill” that I am still fantasizing about the meal. The meal was very simple and we know that it is the most difficult to make simple things taste good. Half a roasted chicken with morel mushroom sauce and a fondant au chocolat that can not compare to any I have tried so far. Pure bliss – a day for not only visual hedonism. Of course the running gear was Nike shoes, Gap sweatshirt and leggings, Moncler jacket and Persol sunglasses.

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