At Delpozo HQ , Madrid

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I discovered Delpozo in december 2012 and have been a fan of this brand  for quite some time. Since I followed their work exclusively online  I was very excited to visit their HQ during my stay in Madrid. I found out that in fact Delpozo has quite a heritage since its a  renowned Spanish fashion house founded in 1974 by the Spanish designer Jesús del Pozo.  His work and his collections stood out due to their strong personality and the undeniable style of the designer inspired by Haute Couture.

Following the death of the founder in August 2011, Grupo Perfumes y Diseño acquired the brand. Months after, the fashion company took on the name DELPOZO, with the internationally known Josep Font as its Creative Director. After seeing the Fall 2014 collection in person I noticed the incredible level of high quality craftsmanship and the resemblance of certain items to sculptures or architectural masterpieces! The collection really resembles  Haute Couture at its best. Lots of structuring for example in the form of  sheer, structured petticoats underneath the dresses (red dress below). I find something that appeals to the subconscious in Josep’s designs, I can’t put my finger on it but all I know is I am sooooo hooked.
The RED Piece de resistance below

The most elegant cloak
Softness of clouds
A sleevless sculpture of a dress below
Possibly my favourite two pieces
A piece of architecture below
The attention to detail is incredible, everything is stitched on by hand

That coat…..

FALL 2104 show in New York, inspired by Italian painter Duilio Barnabe, and the retro-futuristic novel, Logan’s Run.

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