Haute Couture- Chez Delphine Manivet, Paris

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For the ones that dare to say “I do” the French Delphine Manivet is already a household name. More bohemian , less structured it is ideal for the the woman that does not crave a wax museum wedding. In fact a chic Spanish girl asked me the other day where she should look for wedding dresses in Paris and since I thought I discovered  America I could not wait to tell her that she should listen to my “oh so up to date” advice. She replied that this was the obvious first choice and would love to see if there was anyone else as good. Ouch. Who turned on the cold shower, it sucks down here. I am very glad that this is the scenario for Manivet’s sake.  During the Haute Couture shows  I had the pleasure of visiting Delphine’s incredible atelier in the 8eme arrondisement in Paris. Upon entering one is first struck by the sheer beauty of the the architecture.  The high ceilings,  interior classicism and the harmony of the essentially French palette are an amuse bouche to what is to come next. I find out that Delphine was the designer for Rochas before setting up her own brand of wedding dresses in 2005.  Lately Delphine has branched into proper Haute Couture and has been making wonderful pieces for  French actresses. We can now also acquire ourselves this piece of  heaven. I browsed through the rails of meticulous garments   and took a couple of snapshots for you to savour! Delphine Manivet, 93 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

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