What every girl needs…..a BLAZE blazer!

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Recently in Rome I met with the elegant Sole Torlonia, one of the three girls responsible for the Milanese label Blaze http://blaze-milano.com . I really like what they do-  they make incredible blazers for women.   Exatly what every girl needs! Think Katherine Hepburn , Bianca Jagger, think YSL woman – a woman is sexy in a blazer. Powerful.  We all know and agree. But their blazers are not just as I love to call it “here today, gone tomorrow” moment in fashion. They are in fact made to order , made from top materials ( not synthetic, beurk) and incredibly tailored . They are here to stay as they are timeless and forever pieces in your wardrobe.( hand it down to your kids!) On top of this I found out that you don’t really need to carry a handbag whilst wearing this blazer- I never do anyway! I hate wearing large bags at night- I would take a small pochette that fits my credit card, keys and Iphone…. max. Inside this blazer there are a couple of secret compartments where you can put your phone, key , money, etc…Smart no?

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