Adopt a dog or a cat for Xmas! Paris Expo 23-24 November , Paris

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Adopt – don’t buy! Think of al the little darlings that are looking for a warm home and loving owners. I adopted my dog Dragisa 2 years ago . When we got him he was extremely skinny,frail scared of people (God only knows what he had been through) and sad – and now he is healthy, pampered and loved by all my family. A true treasure!
Here we are going for a morning run in Belgrade

Loved like a son!

Healthy happy dog!

  1. Vicky24 says:

    :)))))) seeing a happy end story like this warms my heart <3 We can only hope that more people will decide to take your path when it comes to animals in the new year ….. all the best, Sara :)))))

  2. MatrixUnlimited says:

    Yeah common people adopt stray animals! We are the reason why there are so many stray pets around, let’s somehow contribute to the remedy!! Say NO to dog breeders !

    Awesome post Sara !

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