7-8 October- Artcurial, 7 Rond-point des Champs Elysées, Paris – Plaza Athene Hotel Furniture Sale

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After the Crillon Hotel you can own a piece of another Parisian Palace- the Plaza Athene. Interesting bids are definitely the illuminated bar designed by Patrick Jouin with the glass desk crafter by Patrick Desserme. Have a look at all the items on sale here: http://www.artcurial.com/en/asp/searchresults.asp?pg=1&ps=18&st=D&sale_no=2407+++Old Parisian hotel institutions are being renovated- for the better I hope – but I can no imagine if that will be the case. I think we all appreciate the charm of the old yet functional hotels- this is exactly what they were- I read an article saying otherwise. I believe it was in Forbes. Something triggered the massive renovation of Parisian Hotels- Royal Monceau, The Ritz….Have the mention that I loved going to Royal Monceau in the 90′s but I have not been back since it was renovated. Waiting to see what my favourite hotel in Paris, The Ritz will look like after renovation but I hope that once renovated they will not resemble expensive corporate hotels with no soul. Sniff sniff, bye old Paris….

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