Thank you to Italian Don’t cry jeans and Diva and Donna magazine for this wonderful award!

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Below: I am OBVIOUSLY trying to say something in the picture below….nice shot-not…but the dress is from Issa.

During the Venice Film Festival I was invited to the Diva e Donna charity dinner in honour of the Care & Share charity to accept a prize in the field of new media. This charity educates over 6000 children below the poverty level in Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh, INDIA). Care&Share helps street children, children of sex workers, physically challenged kids and shelters abandoned newborns and assists juveniles detained in the Observation Home (local reformatory).
We can all help immensely in the fight against poverty, education and fighting disease in impoverished countries. Not only can we help by donating funds but we can also help by communicating the need to change this. Information is power. New media allows us to get the message across much quicker. If you would like to donate and find out more please follow this link.
Don’t cry jeans support this charity and I happened to have a look at their products when in Venice. The jeans are well fitted and comfortable and make a wonderful silhouette. More about the brand later. DO check out them out here: Thank you again for the award!

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