Escapade a short film by Pierre Frey- watch it- it’s perfect

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La Maison Pierre Frey presents a short film directed by Martial Schmeltz.

A Parisian couple escaped from their daily routine by providing a wild night in baroque and sensual decors dressed by Pierre Frey. On the other side of the curtain, appearances are deceptive….

On the occasion of the renovation of the famous Hotel Costes by Jacques Garcia whose rooms are now fully upholstered with fabrics by Pierre Frey and Braquenié, la Maison Pierre Frey presents with Martial Schmeltz a short film that invites you to discover from the inside many of these high places* from the Parisian night life dressed in his creations. It gives pride to the decors, real actors of the film, whose presence sometimes haunting, sometimes romantic or exotic raises paradoxical feelings in this genuine couple looking for passionate adventure.

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