Being an Ambassador for Tod’s

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I recently became an Ambassador for Tod’s . I am very happy to be a part of this experience as I associate strongly with the philosophy and esthetics of the brand. I took a flight to Milan to the presentation of the first Tod’s Pret a Porter collection designed by Alessandra Facchinetti. Alessandra is familiar to us in the fashion industry from her days as a designer at Valentino and Gucci but her collection for Tod’s completely blew me away. It is the perfect fit. Somehow brands and designers find each other – the same can be said of its ambassadors. They just bring out the best in each other. It was a very serene show, from the setting to the energy in the room. None of the usual hideousness of strung out PR managers in black clothes, attention grabbing extras or militant organisers were present- all of which make fashion shows a nauseous experience. It was a classy affair. Just in the spirit of the Della Valles. More on the show later. Here I am with all the other global ambassadors: Noor Fares- fine jewlery designer, Hedvig Opshaug- blogger , Polly Morgan – artist and Carolina Gonzalez Bunster- Founder of Walkabout Foundation. All very inspiring women!

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