Be way ahead, 2 cool 4 school- Dresses over trousers Resort 2014 trend- A Manual on how not to be scared and try it

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Dresses over trousers. Yes, that’s right. Don’t be scared. It works. It’s a reoccuring look in traditional Indian fashion wear. I see my Indian friends in it and they look ravishing. If you don’t think it is for you read this – it might push you to experiment a bit.

It can look very elegant providing that it is the right cut, right material and maybe right print. To sound less scary let’s call it oversized tops or tunics over trousers. If you are not comfortable start with this version. Chanel

Then go a touch longer…
Giambattista Valli above, Fendi bellow
If you are feeling adventurous and it is starting to grow on you move onto flared dresses and cigarette pants. Givenchy
Hmmm…no? Then just stick to a tunic-y top and go for wide leg trouser
But if you really want to rock out and take this trend to a new level I suggest the genius Roksanda Ilincic. How cool is this?

Accessorised with great chunky jewellery and beautiful cocktail shoes it can give you a very chic oriental urban look. It’s quite a big trend for Resort 2014 but if you can’t wait you can surely do it up yourself with some Fall 2013 pieces and what you have in your wardrobe already . I saw a wonderful electric blue tunic and pencil trousers trousers at SportMax the other day . I cant’t find it anywhere online yet (wierd), but will try and get a picture from the shop. I did not see the price yet but if it budget friendly and the material is great it might end up in my cupboard.

*all designer clothes shots from

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