Chateau d”Haroue or an ode to elegance

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This  classified French monument historique has been in the Beauvau-Craon family since it was completed in 1732. The current proprietor, Princess Minnie de Beauvau-Craon, is a direct descendant of Prince Marc de Beauvau-Craon who in 1720 commissioned the architect Germain Boffrand to build it in the remote countryside near the Moselle and Meurthe rivers. A while back I was invited by the Princess’ daughter  to visit the chateau and be a guest at the opening of the old school couture Givenchy, Venet and Balenciaga exhibit.  Apart from meeting the chic Princess and having a feast for my eyes whilst walking around  I had the immense pleasure of meeting Hubert Givenchy himself. I am rarely star struck. But I skipped a breath when I met him. He is tall, handsome and a very elegant man. And there is the association of course to his muse Audrey Hepburn. I think that today we sadly only rarely  have the pleasure of meeting men and women that are  elegant in character, manners and appearance. Why? Is it because our pop culture is selling  us their packaged version of “fast-food” idols? And thus the youth thinks this to be model of lifestyle to aspire to? It’s as if there is a general consensus that Madame Hepburn or Monsiuer Givenchy types are not sellable? Is vulgarity cashing in nowdays?  Is it because our lifestyle is becoming busier and faster and people don’t have time to stop, think , observe and appreciate subtlety? Is there way too much information and lots of people are getting lost or have lost identity? Is our civilisation evolving or regressing to cave men esthetics?(ie. Kardashians)  I could go on and on with questions. Let’s leave at this and the beautiful history and tradition that Chateau d’Haroue brings with it into our century.

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