Inspiring Sao Paolo! TBC

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I have been to Rio before and Sao Paolo was introduced to me by my hosts as the business capital of Brazil. “Everything happens here, it fast paced- it is very similar to the energy of New York.” You could say that as there are a lot of tall buildings, the city is massive, there is a feeling that you are in the middle of a ticking beehive but add to that mix very relaxed people who are always smiling and lots of tropical looking trees. The food is amazing and the sushi is one of the best I have ever had. I met some really interesting locals and would love to feature some of them on my blog. It is existing to see how fashion is developing in this powerful emerging market. Brazil is exploding!!!
Here are some snapshots that caught my eye (  not the most polished of things but these things speak to me….I think these things define a city’s charm ) whilst being  driven though the streets of Sao Paolo. I also had the immense pleasure of listening to Avril Groom  from How to Spend it Magazine whilst in the car-  my partner in crime this time.

The boyz hanging….

Developing fast….old house in the concrete jungle…

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