ByKilian- the line of incredible perfumes by Kilian Hennessy

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City of sin, Good girl gone bad, Forbidden Games. That’s just the names of the perfumes. Hot caramelized plum stuffed with spices (in the City of Sin), the apricot-like top note of the osmanthus flower (in Good Girl Gone Bad), and the skin of an apple drenched in Laos honey (in Forbidden Games)….do I need to say more? I did not think so. Oh wait…and all of this comes in a gold crafted aluminium minaudière with white lacquer and a 24-carat gold snake with Swarovski eyes. 2013 being the year of the Snake you better run and buy it and have an extra clutch in your wardrobe !
The byKiian scent collection by Kilian Hennessy, heir to a long line of Cognac makers Hennessy, is sold at Harvey Nichols, for my Londoners or Saks and Bergdorf’s for my US pals

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