At Roksanda Ilincic’s London atelier viewing her Pre Fall 2013 collection

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I was really excited to see Roksanda’s atelier in East End London. We’ve been trying to meet up for ages but both of our schedules were quite insane in the last couple of months- traveling wise! Finally at the end of January we were both in London at the same time.  I was greeted upon my(messy) arrival by yummy biscuits, fruit and tea. True Slavic hospitality!

Roksanda at her desk in one of her stunning purple dresses

Last time  I saw Roksi was at her SS 2013 show at the Savoy hotel in London . Her deigns are as you might have noticed one of my favourites. Why? The Roksanda Ilincic woman is a lady. With a modern British twist.  There is something to be said on how her clothes  are   oozing femininity by floating around the body. Also her clothes are like sculptures- they would make a great exhibit in a modern art museum. and are real life walking sculptures. One of my favourite dresses of all times is below from the SS 2012 show.  Let’s not forget the stunning skirt suit from Fall 2012 too

Nor this  Pre Spring 2013 beauty

Me in some of her creations

Pre Fall 2013 was inspired from what American fashion designer Claire McCardel did in the  40′s and 50′s. I immediately fell in love with the small waisted grey dress with a  dominant  grey skirt and  pink collar. I felt very “sage” in it. I usually like how her clothes fall loosely around the body but this dress had a different cut. Roksanda is not afraid of vibrant colours and  this collection states that very clearly! Apart from talking clothes we really had “girl’s chat”: which is off the record and certainly NOT for the blogosphere…

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