On the subject of my dearest Roland Mouret, his Galaxy dress, Le Palace nightclub and his SS 2013 collection

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 Roland Mouret, famous for easy chic and the curve enhancing Galaxy dress in his SS 2013 decided to draw inspiration from Le Palace, the legendary Paris night club which was the equivalent of the Parisian version of Club 54. Le Palace was a very large club with the latest laser technology which was quite advanced for its epoch.

It became notoriously hard to get into and  famous for the most extravagant parties and its chic clientele. It was brought to this level by Fabrice Emaer, a very good friend of my dad’s who bought it in 1977 . Regulars included Lou Lou de la Falaise, Caroline de Monaco, Karl Lagerfield, Andy Warhol, Mick Jaegger, Frederic Mitterand, Claude Montana, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc.  Many of the fashion designers I talk to today say that they drew so much inspiration from this mythical place.

My dad in the club in 1979

My mum

Some outfits from The Palace parties below

Fabrice restored the space which was an old theatre in the 9eme arrondissement and for the opening night had young Grace Jones perform who became a constant fixture in the club and had all  waiters dressed in Thierry Mugler outfits. Later Prince did his first concert in Paris in 1981 at Le Palace . Sadly Fabrice passed away in 1983 and the Palace spirit died with him. I went to the closing in 1996, sadly.

Roland in his SS 2013 collection went for his usual pencil skirt silhouettes but decided to incorporate sharp-shouldered cropped jackets , revisiting his days spent in the Palace creating a very retro collection.

Below Roland Mouret’s famous and timeless Galaxy dress. The secret to the  dress is that it is lined on the inside with a tough, stretchy fabric called Powerflex, which was used to make underwear in the 1950s which creates perfect curviness . And what I love about it is that it does not just look good on the runway- it also looks good on real women, it celebrates their curves. Merci Roland!

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