British designer Sophie Hulme – we are completely Hulme-ed!

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I discovered this British designer on my recent British Vogue shoot. I knew that she made really amazing handbags but I had no idea that she also designed clothes! I wore this mohair sweater with a Chanel brocade skirt for the shoot. It looks really cool in this combination- skirt was in gold brocade- makes the pink neon of the sweater really stand out and it gives an edge in contrast to such an upscale skirt.

Soon after the shoot I went about my usual way of snooping around to discover the rest of the pret a porter collection. And I found amazingly well cut coats, tunics,shorts, etc….all amazing quality and for a good price! Do try the coats if you are searching for a perfect autumn/winter city sleek coat at Matches Fashion in London.

You can also shop the bags there. If you would like to buy them online please have a look below at the Net a Porter site

Sophie Hulme

Sophie Hulme

Sophie Hulme
And…how about this CHIC suitcase- for CHIC traveling? By this I mean no long distances lugging around of stuffed suitcase for hours. A country weekend via your car. That sort of elegant travel. Also I would cringe at the idea of checking in this beauty at the airport but I guess if you tell them you are carrying fragile stuff they might take care of it? I have an old white Fendi hard cover suitcase with rusted gold buckles- timeless. Invest in things that will last you in 10, 20 years, 30 years.

Sophie Hulme

  1. kikic says:

    very pretty. I love your blog Sara, there’s so much good stuff to find out :D

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