Interview- Modern day princess, Princess Tatiana of Greece

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Beautiful Tatiana on her wedding day and what a stunning wedding. Dress by Angel Sanchez. Above
Tatiana: The blue strapless dress is Armani, it was such a beautiful day and great occasion we were celebrating- it was the night before Prince William’s wedding. I can always count on Armani for elegance. Below

Tatiana: I could never get through describing my style without mentioning the divine Venezuelan Angel Sanchez- who knows my body and always understand what it is I want. Below

Tatiana: J Mendel- an exquisite Grecian style dress that I wore the night before my wedding. I must say it is probably my favourite of all the looks. I really felt like that dress was a true expression of my style. Below

True style icon- I am not saying this because she is one of my oldest friends, from early teenage years!Even aged 13 she outdid us all with her spontaneous combinations of bits and pieces from New York, Latin America and Spain. Jewellery was always spot on! Refined, regal but always with a twist- a perfect example how a modern day princess should dress. We talk about her impeccable style and what are her latest finds in jewellery.
How do you pick your dresses and jewellery for your events?
Unfortunately I am not very organised when it comes to getting dressed for a big event. I leave it to the very last minute, I am usually in a panic, even though I have had months to prepare…
I never wear anything tight fitting, I am quite self conscious- and I love dresses that flow, that move as I move, that allow me freedom.
I am definitely a girl who loves accessories- I always try and add a hint of ethnic jewellery to a black tie dress. My mother has the most amazing style so I never go without asking her advice- and possibly “borrowing” some pieces. I love looking for unique pieces in markets around the world.
I also love Mesi’s unique shell rings, Annal Lu Ponti for the most exquisite elegant jewellery. Hemmerle is my current obsession and I can always rely on Couture Lab for unique jewellery as well as the fabulous Mauro Durant who works there for some tips.
Mesi ring

Hemmerle earrings

Hemmerle necklace

Is there a dress code for royal events- for example covered shoulders, etc…?
For white tie events, or if attending a ceremony in a church, I always cover my shoulders- as in the purple dress , usually with a little bolero and then take it off after dinner.

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How would you describe your style and which women inspire you?
I would say my style is timeless, I am not a trend follower, I need to feel comfortable if not my day or night is ruined. I love long skirts, kind of “hippy chic” if it needs a label. But then I also love my jeans- I live in jeans. My style depends on my mood- sometimes ethereal and peaceful and sometimes a bit “rock chic”. I love beauty and comfort. For me less is more. If I were to sum it up I would say I like to keep it simple
I am wearing Carolina Herrera another Venezuelan designer. This was a fairy tale dress- I loved it. The soft colours, the details- the kind of dress I dreamt of as a child.

Tatiana: The grey dress is Andrew GN with a Diane von Furstenberg bolero and was worn the night before Crown Princess of Sweden’s wedding.

Tatiana: Andrew GN purple dress I wore to Crown Princess of Holland’s 40th last year.

Tatiana in DVF by Andrea Tese

Tatiana in Armani

Us in school with Ellen and Cris!

  1. Constance says:

    I love her style, she is for me the most elegant and modern princess nowadays and we must admit that she has something of Grace Kelly!

  2. Emma Farah says:

    love, love, love this article! Well done Sara and Tati! xxx

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