Faberge eggs in London by DVF, Ridley Scott, Tommy Hilfiger, Chapman Brothers, Zaha Hadid,Nicky Hasslam, Marc Quin etc, April 3rd,

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The ‘Faberge Egg Hunt’ was over yesterday- a city-wide art exhibit showcased on London city streets. Designers, artists, architects and jewelers have all come together to create the custom art pieces that have been scattered throughout the city as part of an interactive egg hunt.
The ‘Faberge Egg Hunt’ features over 200 custom-designed eggs. Londoners have been invited to search for the eggs before they are auctioned off with proceeds going to charity.
These pieces aim to raise funds for the endangered Asian elephant, aiding the Action for Children and Elephant Family organization. As of 5th April you can see all the eggs at a venue to be announced on the internet site below. You can also win an egg by sending a text message- for all this info and more check out the site : http://www.thebigegghunt.co.uk/home

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