Interview from New York- Elettra Wiedemann

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It’s wonderful to see affluent individuals in the fashion industry getting involved with food and promoting healthy eating. This is exactly what I had the pleasure to see when I popped into Ellettra Wiedemann’s pop up restaurant, Goodness in Uptown New York. A model, dj, Lancome spokesmodel with a Masters Degree from LSE ,the daughter of Italian actress Isabella Rossellini is quite the Renaissance woman. Her pop-up restaurant, Goodness, second year running, is only open during fashion week and healthy eating is a priority. Location is Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle a short distance from Lincoln Center where most shows take place. This season’s Goodness has earned the approval of the CFDA Health Initiative. We talk about her projects, inspirations and future goals.

How did the whole idea about a pop up restaurant with the best NY chefs come about? Were you always a big foodie?
I have been working in fashion for 10 years and I just finished my Masters Degree at the London School of Economics, where my dissertation was on the future of feeding urban populations in light of climate change. I guess my experiences as a model and what I learned from the LSE/my research created GOODNESS!
 Which New York chefs were involved in creating daily menus?
 We have had the pleasure to collaborate with Mario Batali (Babbo), Ed Brown (Ed’s Chowder House), Robert Newton (Seersucker),  Nick Wilbur (The Fat Radish), Christopher Rendell (Whitehall), Alain Allegretti (Les Promenade des Anglais), Julian Medina (Toloache), and Leo Forneas (Robert).

Mario Batali

Julian Media

Alain Allegretti

 Can we have breakfast , lunch and dinner at “Goodness”?
Just lunch!

 Do you consider yourself an activist for a healthy and more sustainable living habits of the fashion industry or wider audience?
I just consider myself me, and try to do projects that I think are fun and interesting. GOODNESS has been incredibly well received so far, which makes me think people have been waiting for something like it for quite some time!
 If the project was to come to London or Paris- in which part of the city would you set up the pop up and with which chefs?
I would love to take it internationally, but do not yet know which chefs I would reach out to to work with. Putting together a GOODNESS is like pulling together a massive jigsaw puzzle, so many things need to fall into place before you even start thinking about chefs.
 Future projects?
 Best New York fashion week moment?
 Seeing my good friend Prabal’s show and seeing GOODNESS be sold out every day that it was open this NYFW.
 Which part of yourself do you relate to the most- American, Swedish or Italian?
 I was born and raised in NYC, so I would say American. 
 Favourite food?
 Tortellini with pesto and lots of olive oil and parmesan.
 Favourite restaurant in New York?
Too many to summarize. All the chefs we have worked with for GOODNESS represent my favorite places in NYC.

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