Dowtown …Reiss velvet jumpsuit, Top Shop Tshirt, Repossi for Zadig & Voltaire bracelet, Natasha Zinko Ring and Sergio Rossi shoes

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Hey … was told to put more pictures of myself on this blog….so now you will be BOMBARDED…well not really…only today.
Get the bracelet: Zadig & Voltaire by Gaia Repossi

  1. Those shoes are amazing! Love them!

  2. Maria says:

    Hey Sara, I’ve jut recently ‘discovered’ your blog and I think it’s really inspiring with a great mix of fashion-art-culture-travel posts! Love it! I was just wondering if you follow any blogs or websites in particular on any on these topics that you would like to share with us? Thanks!

  3. Jovana says:

    In love with the ring and shoes!

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