Rushing …in Marni tunic and Neil Barrett tuxedo jacket

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Really happy that someone takes pictures at events – I rarely remember to photograph myself. Found this online from the Serpentine event : wearing: Marni tunic, Neil Barrett tuxedo jacket, YSL shoes and a Hermes clutch. The big red thing hanging from my arm is the goodie bag from the event’s sponsor.

  1. G says:

    I’d like to be a model, I send several picture to several agencies with a negative answer . I go to 2 agencies with negative answer ! How can I do they advise me , I don’t want to give this up it’s the dream of my life
    I’d would appreciate if you could me some advise and some styling tips (make up,clothes) to go to an agencies
    Thanks you a lot
    Merci davance jaimerais en savoir plus

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