Me (as a snooty 15 year old) and Peter Beard…

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SO… this is me with my idol (aged 15) , the incredible Peter Beard ( you can see his works if you read on). He is drawing a little picture for me. This is right before he took my portrait- Peter if you are reading this….I would love to have those pictures ones day (subliminal message)! Raised in NY city he studied at Yale University before settling in Kenya on a property close to Karen Blixen (watch the movie Out of Africa). I was obsessed with his work so it was great when we finally met  whilst I was back home in Paris from boarding school for a weekend. We totally got along…I guess cause he is an aquarius and so am I. That’s Peter himself  inside the crocodile below btw. WOW

  1. Followers says:

    THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF PETER BEARD!!! Thank you for sharing these magical pictures with us!

  2. kiki says:

    Peter Beard rules!

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