Event… “Bally is super” exhibition in Zurich, tonight, 16th November @ Bally’s flagship store Zurich

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So tonight I am heading out to a cocktail presentation at the Bally headquarters in Zurich. So excited as for starters I am big fan of the city of Zurich. It’s so cutting edge, contemporary art scene is huge and it just has this quirky, luxurious, pragmatic side that appeals to me. Having spent 6 years in Switzerland as a teenager and having travelled all over Switzerland- Zurich you win my heart. Bally being the Swiss Hermes if I may call it as such is also a brand that has similar qualities to the city of Zurich- quirky, luxurious and very wearable. Bally’s flagship Zurich store is preparing to host a rare exhibition from November 16, 2011 as part of the Swiss luxury brand’s yearlong 160th anniversary celebrations. Twelve design students from Zurich University of the Arts have created the ‘Bally Is Super’ exhibition which takes visitors on a journey to discover 160 years of Bally shoe history. Visitors will enjoy an engaging and playful historical view of the brand based on extensive archive materials presented in various installations using a range of media formats. Yeay!

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