Event…Armani Hotel opening, 10th November, Milan

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…an immense thank you to the Armani team for making me (and all the girls) look gorgeous.
With a little help from a friend and exceptionally helpful staff at the hotel I managed to charge my camera which decided to die on me a few hours before the event. The hotel is remarkable in every term of the word. 95 rooms and a space portraying Mr. Armani’s vision of harmony and privacy. A feature that I found interesting is the Lifestyle Managers. They are the point of contact for guests, whose every need and wish will be fulfilled with discreet assistance at all times. (the camera crisis at 6pm). Guests will be looked after from the moment they make a reservation, with personal care that facilitates every requirement and responds to every need. As soon as guests arrive in the lobby looking out on Via Manzoni, their Lifestyle Manager will be on hand to welcome them and take them to the seventh floor where the real lobby is. The incredibly designed restaurant is on the 7th floor as well and you somehow don’t feel that you are in Milan apart from getting glimpses of the city’s roofs. See below for more pictures. Ladies (and gents) there is a spa on the 8th floor. The eighth floor, covering an area of 1,200 square metres,  is entirely devoted to beauty and relaxation, bringing together a range of treatments and therapies that promote physical and mental harmony and wellbeing. Oh and before I forget- the towels are as soft as cashmere.

Here is the necklace I have been raving about since June…it’s STUNNING….finally wearing it. Best thing is that it is very very light on the contrary to what it looks.

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