Interview from Paris…Cire Trudon’s Executive Director, Julien Pruvost

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I am so excited to post this interview with the Executive Director Julien Pruvost of Cire Trudon. Cire Trudon is the world’s oldest candle maker established in Paris in 1643 and  has  supplied to the court at Versailles, through to Napoleon and beyond. It has the most beautiful collection of candles and most importantly heavenly scented candles that I can confirm burn very very long. It’s my favorite thing to buy for the house or give as presents. 

How did Cire Trudon develop to what it is now in the 21st Century?  Cire Trudon has become a synonym for the finest scented candles.  Carrying a strong heritage and genuine expertise, this institution has established itself through the centuries with a careful commitment to quality. Cire Trudon uses a perfect wax formula housed within a beautiful glass vessel and continues to unveil unique candles made with premium quality vegetal wax in respect to the environment. Crafted by glass artisans, each glass is unique and decorated with a gold shield. Traditional know-how, craftsmanship and innovation are values that symbolize Cire Trudon, a French Maison intimately linked to the City of Lights.

Constant adaptation to each period in history and the evolutions of science while keeping in mind what Cire Trudon does best: candles.

Read on for the rest of the interview

Julien Pruvos, Executive Director photographed at the Cire Trudon workshops

When did you start making scented candles , the product that you are so famous for today?


The candle glass wear is remarkably beautiful. Inspiration?

A Champagne bucket and Italian glass blowing handycraft.


Explain to me the candle making process- and scent incorporation- I guess it’s like making a perfume- are the same essential oils used which includes base notes, middle and top notes? What is the process?

 Same as making a perfume: we brief perfumers and exchange with them until we obtain what we had in mind.

Which scent for the candle was the last invented?

Little Red Riding Hood

Have you had in history commissioned scents from clients?

Yes, but I cannot disclose this information.

How long do you candles burn?

- 55 to 65 hours for the 270g

- Around 300 hours for the Great Candle

What differences you in terms of wax and quality from other candle makers today?

Our unique natural wax blends. For over four centuries, Maison Trudon has built an unrivalled candle manufacturing expertise. Skillful and demanding, Maison Trudon draws its talent from its craftsmanship heritage and never ceases to innovate.

Maison Trudon keeps a secret: a wax paste made of vegetal substances, forming a unique blend, miscible with any fragrance and allowing a perfect and long-lasting combustion.

The candlewicks are weaved with cotton and all the ingredients are entirely safe for the users.

Who designed your incredible Cire Trudon store in St Sulpice, Paris?

Ramdane Touhami who also designed the Cire Trudon line as it exists today.

You recently supplied the set of Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette…share with celebrities buy Cire Trudon?

Madonna, Catherine Deneuve, Mika, Dustin Hoffman etc.

Stink bombs. What is that?

Stink bombs that smell good when you break them. The perfume rises and spreads instantly around you. : a new intense olfactory pleasure. An adaptation of the all time classic prank to the realm of high fragrances.

Where can we buy your candles?

In every major city in the world. We currently have two Cire Trudon stores: one in Paris (78 rue de Seine, 75006) and one in London, freshly opened, on 36 Chiltern Street, W1U 7QJ

Please visit our website for points of sale :

You can also buy the candles directly online from Browns here Cire Trudon candle

Tell us about other products that you sell is your store apart from scented candles

As candle manufacturers and candle specialists, we propose a full range of functional and decorative candles: tapers in many shapes and colors, garden candles, party candles, religious candles (of course!), etc. We also have a dedicated space that we nickname the “Candle Antic Store”. It resembles curiosity cabinet and we offer for sale all kinds of antics related to candles (candle holders, etc.), our history (religious items, etc.) and our style (antic glass domes, medallions, etc.)

Suggestion for imminent shopping since Christmas is coming up- buy the “smell of Christmas” Nazareth Cire Trudon candle.

or Mademoiselle de la Valliere, a candle named after the 20-year-old mistress of Louis XIV.
There are also sprays available for each scent

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    Cire Trudon is now available at MiN New York on 117 Crosby Street in Soho.

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