Interview from Paris…Mallarino jewelry

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I remember seeing Mallarino jewelry for the first time. My journalist friend asked me if I minded that a friend of hers joins us for lunch and there it was-  I saw this beautiful ring sitting on her pinkie finger. Gold, small, delicate and beautiful. This is when I met Lucia Bueno Mallarino , the designer behind the jewelry brand Mallarino. Amazing girl and such a talented designer! The artisans that make Lucia’s designs use a delicate technique of filigree which consists in hand- sewing jewels with a silver thread and requires extraordinary manual skills and the love and knowledge of noble materials.  The tight relationship she has with the artisans is key to bringing the best of both worlds into her unique jewellery. We talk about her jewelry, Paris favourites(where she lives) and just all things girlie….

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Colombian, born and raised but have been living in Paris for over 15 years. I am now French swell,- I’m married and have 2 children. My father bred horses so I love them and I enjoy drawing. I am a compulsive biography reader, love green lemon juice with everything and I eat a daily avocado, ta-dam.

How did you get into jewellery design?

The need to preserve a beautiful tradition. For centuries the art of hand-sewing jewels in Colombia has been passed from father to son, it demands extraordinary manual skills… with the arrival of mass/chain production and cheap imports, this wonderful savoir-faire was threatened by the minute.

What are your inspirations?

Nature. Colombian jungles are breathtaking, a mixture of wildness and extreme delicate beauty, it’s a very inspiring contrast. Our pieces try to reflect that harmony. That exact point between two opposing forces that combine naturally to create something magical.

Where can we buy your collections?



Mallarino cuff Net-a-Porter

Mallarino ring Net-a-Porter

Mallarino earrings Net-a-Porter

Your favourite items this season?

I like stripes, they have that easy graphic cool effect that somehow doesn’t get boring. I personally love colour and there is a lot of it this season.

Any style tips?

Clean hair and a good lipstick.

Who is your favourite designer?

Cristobal Balenciaga…museum material. I also love Alaïa for the timeless femininity.

Why Paris? Rive gauche or rive droite?

I came to Paris with the idea of staying only for 1 year when I finished High school… it’s been 16 now! Lived in both and… rive droite.

What are your favourite spots in Paris- resturants? Shops? museums? parks?

Musee Picasso. La Sainte Chapelle, it’s really hard with Paris ! The whole city is a museum.

Drouot and The Marché aux Puces a bit over exposed but still has it’s magic corners.

Gaetan Lanzani, a house that started in the 1930s manufacturing copies of period furniture and restoration and now is the box of Pandora : 6000sqm of wonderful objects to rent or just get inspired.

I love the Jardin de Batignolles, you can feed the ducks… not easy in Paris.


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