Supporting…Leila Antakly and Aziza’s Place in Cambodia

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Leila Antakly is working with Aziza´s Place in Cambodia a grassroots home and learning center for 21 impoverished children who come from the municipal dumpsite and city slums, after spending 4 months volunteering there and teaching English. Aziza´s Place opens the doors for these children and their families with a combination of holisitc programs focused on education, healthy lifestyles, community involvement and the visual arts.

Aziza´s Place staff  and volunteers envision all their children to learn the life tools, skills and values to become productive citizens of their community, economically self sufficient and socially empowered. So far Leila has raised enough money in generous donations from all over the world to cover health insurance for all the children and staff who before had limited access to dr´s and dentist visits. Leila who began her career in fashion at Italian Vogue, now wants to raise awareness for all the different children´s causes she works in, and would also like to encourage everyone to take the time to volunteer.
Through facebook one can donate on Leilas link
or if you prefer to do a bank transfer directly;
Wire Transfers

Comerica Bank
Account # 1851432573
ABA # 072000096

and here is a link to her students film that she mentored while in cambodia

  1. Gina says:

    totally admire what you have accomplished, leila…..amazing. the kids look like angels…adorable.

  2. Jessica says:

    I love this post! Leila is an inspiration. How can I get in touch with Leila?

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