Interview from Paris…Caroline de Maigret

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I’d like to introduce you to Caroline de Maigret, a French model who has had a wide spectrum of jobs in the modelling industry- from very edgy to classic and from commercial to beauty. Lindbergh, Testino, Terry Richardson, Inez and Vinoohd ,Juergen Teller to name just have photographed her. I’ve known Caro for a while now and have to say that I have always liked her androgyne look and her admiration for music. Go aquarius! She owns Bonus Records now, is the hippest mum and just has that lovely relaxed vibe about her. We talk about her modelling career, Paris, her record label, fashion and much more…

How did you start modeling?

I was studying at La Sorbonne modern literature, didn’t know quite yet what to do with my life, so I thought at least I’d read some good books while! Scouts were coming up to me in the streets of Paris to ask me to model. One seemed quite pro and there it all started.
Any advice you can give to girls trying to make it in the modeling industry?
- Respect every client, get on your job in the morning as if it was the most important client you’d ever wanted to work with.
- Respect people: Put your problems on the side once you’re on the job and smile. Be on time. Be concerned and the job gets much more interesting.
- Read, watch movies, feed yourself. I’ve always had a notebook with me. In fashion, you have the chance to meet new people everyday coming from different worlds of inspiration, so when people tell me about a song, an artist, a movie, I write them down. Once at home, I look back at my notes and investigate.
Who do you enjoy most working with?
Inez & Vinoodh, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs
Describe your style?
I don’t like to shop, and if I do I go for a beautiful piece that I’m going to carry around for years. A suit definitely suits me better than a dress, a pair of jeans than a skirt. No hairdo and very light make-up; it just doesn’t fit my androgynous features.
Favourite designers?
Margiela, Lanvin, Chanel, Dries Van Noten, Alexander Wang. And the young Anthony Vaccarello (below)
How did you get into music production?

When I started modeling, I decided to move right away to New York. My friends were mostly artists and musicians.
I was making great money modeling while my talented friends were struggling to perform their art.

So I decided to sponsor some and that’s how it all started. Buy an amp, rent a van to go on tour, etc.
Then it was time to go on with my life, I couldn’t model for ever. I moved back to Paris to find inspiration.
2006- There was this new young scene coming up in Paris, very interesting, fed by the Libertines, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys.. The kids started to make bands and play everywhere; you have to understand that it is not something that really existed in France, as it’s always been in the US or UK’s culture. It was the new breed made in internet, they had access to much more music, the sound was getting better and better. At the same time, Internet meant as well the end of an era for the music business, so the major labels would only sign big artists or easy-to-eat-crap.
I met Yarol Poupaud  (now my man and the father of my son), a musician/producer. I was full of that NY energy, where you achieve things and it’s ok to go for it and try, and he knew the business and everybody in it. We immediately started our music label Bonus Tracks Records. The idea was to give an opportunity to the bands whose music, we believed, should exist whatever the market was.
What kind of talent do you sign? What sound?
Rock: Blues, Pop Rock, Punk Rock, Country, Folk…
Music we like, no other reason is good enough.
Caroline and her family in the Sandro campaign

Fashion faux pas?
I like the fashion faux pas, it means that people made efforts to be stylished and that’s good enough for me! I always wished I was more adventurous in my style so I kind of envy their freedom.
Tonnes for september. Keep them secret for now, I’m superstitious.
Favourite stores?Restos? Bars?
I go out around my home really. I love my area, Pigale. It’s still the real Paris for me.
Le Mansart:BAR- restaurant 1 rue Mansart, 75009 Paris. Underneath my house- terrace in the sun. Babyfoot for my son, I always bump into friend here…
Le Lautrec: BAR 63, rue Pigalle 75009 We have the keys, and make a gig there every Thursday in the cave.
Chez Yin: 6, rue Lamarck, 75018 Thai restaurant behind the sacre coeur of Montmartre. Tables outside, the man is lovely
Caroline @ home
Summers are spent? Winters are spent?
Summers: July in Le Pyla (family house) in the south of France and in Cadaques (my sister’s house) in Spain, in August I like to go abroad. Usually Mexico, Greece or anywhere in Asia.
Winters: I like to go in the sun (cf.summer destinations), although with my son, we go skiing now once a year in Val d’Isère.

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