Interview from New York…Pierre Frey

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Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am the eldest grandson and namesake of Pierre FREY, the founder of our 75 year old French fabric house. He created it in the heart of Paris where we are still located today. Since 1972, my father Patrick is running the company, as well as remaining the Creative Director.

From the time I was born, my father has shared his love and appreciation for design, and not always in obvious ways.  It was the small details in everyday life, whether while traveling or at home, that he would point out to me.  It was the same for him and his father.  The company is very much a part of who I am, and who we are.  I think every family holiday we have ever taken has resulted in a fabric that is added to our collection.


What is your role at Pierre Frey?

When I joined the family company at age 23, my father sent me to work with the artisans in our factories to learn the French savoir-faire of fabric-making.  Now 12 years later, I have become the brand ambassador and travel the world presenting the launches of new fabric collections, plus the home accessories and furniture collections.

Since my father took over as creative director in 1972, the brand has become a global success.  Now, my two younger brothers and I take care of the business side.   Each of us is based on a different continent (one based in Paris, the other in Singapore and me in New York City) in order to cover all markets. Although we live far apart we are a close-knit team and talk on the phone everyday.

As the brand ambassador, I work closely with the press department as the image of Pierre FREY.  Our company has developed a loyal group of clients over our 75 year history, and as the next generation at Pierre Frey, I am working to also reach and develop the next generation of clients.  In addition to meeting with clients and presenting our collections, promoting the brand through events and publicity, I am responsible for all of the social media for the company.   You should friend us on Facebook.

How do you go about decorating your own home?

For my loft in New York, I’ve had fun over the past 5 years collecting some great vintage and antique pieces from the fantastic little shops in my Nolita neighborhood, and mixing them with Pierre Frey products, of course.  I have huge canvases hanging on my walls that I frame with our fabrics and change them with every new collection.  Right now, my colours are really bright reds, turquoise, pink, accented with some white & black.

My ceilings are five meters high and I have a wall of glass windows draped with Pierre Frey fabric, so you can imagine that the look is always changing drastically with each new collection.  I also collect books and have them displayed throughout.  It’s an eclectic mix, and I love every single item.

This summer I am excited to be redecorating my Paris apartment. I am using my favorite Louis XVI antique chair, which I had upholstered in a camouflage print by Boussac, as my centerpoint and I am building from there.  I will match contemporary fabric prints with classic french furniture.

Pierre’s flat in NY below

And your office?

For my office I like to feel at home so I use the same approach.

Favourite fashion designers?

Acne, APC, Trussardi, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin for men.

Les Prairies de Paris, Isabel Marrant, Miu Miu, Prada, Chloe and Balenciaga for women

Key pieces in your wardrobe?

I have a pretty extensive collection of shoes and knit ties. But I am also in love with Samuel Gassmann cufflinks, I wear them day and night.

Fashion faux pas?

It is always a question of proportion and context, anything can be worn. I don’t like rules in fashion or decorating.

Favourite cities?

New York, Paris, Buenos Aires, Marrakesh, Sao Paulo… and many many more…

Advice on decorating homes?

My family’s approach on fabrics is always playful. I would advise the same approach when decorating a home. Don’t be scared of making mistakes, have fun and play with colors !

Who buys Pierre Frey- (designers, decorators, public figures?)

Most of the top interior designers, architects, and home stores are clients of Pierre Frey.  We have a broad range of styles that we offer, so some come to us for our classic designs, like our Braquenie collection, some come to us for our more modern Pierre Frey designs, some for the elegant silks and embroideries from Fadini Borghi, and some for the playful patterns found by Boussac.  Since my father is the designer of all of these styles, the common thread throughout is their appreciation of the sophisticated range of colors that we offer.

How did you come up with the idea to produce Pierre Frey furniture as well?

We realised that our clients loved the Pierre FREY style and wanted to be able to have the full Pierre FREY concept in their home, this is the reason why we developed home accessories 30 years ago, carpets 20 years ago and furniture 10 years ago. Their home can be from floor to ceiling in Pierre FREY.

Can you explain to us what it entails “the purest French tradition”  ?

Whether fashion, food, or home furnishings, French products are considered by many to be the finest in the world.  It is a reputation earned over centuries, based on a commitment to quality, style and integrity.  As a French company, it is a legacy we are proud and respectful of.  To say we produce products in the purest French tradition means we value and adhere to these principals.  And it’s not to mean that our products are all traditional in style.  Our more contemporary designs are rooted in this belief, too.

The iconic Pierre Frey item?

Pierre Frey – Collobrieres, because it was created by my grandfather, and is still consistently one of our top selling fabrics every year.



We just accomplished a few. We just opened our 10th showroom in Dubai this year. We also have showrooms in Paris, London, Cannes, Munich, Geneva, New York, Italy and Moscow. The next goal involves my younger brother, who is just joining the company this year, and will open another showroom in Singapore from where he will develop the Asian market.

We are looking for opportunities for expansion specifically at developing in the American Market. We would like to enlarge our offer in the home global concept so perhaps it could be accessories, wall covering, trimmings – anything that will not compete with our existing offer.


Just a dream… Opening a Pierre FREY Boutique Hotel in Provence one day, it makes so much sense to me…

Summers are spent?


Half with my family and half with friends.

With my family in Cap Ferret next to Bordeaux, a little hidden paradise.  And with friends, in whatever country we feel like discovering.  Most recently was the lost Island of Lamu on the coast of Kenya, the gorgeous village of Trancoso in Brazil, Punta Del Este in Uruguay.  The next one will be a cruise between Sardinia and Corsica, going back to my roots and re-discovering the European countries that I’ve missed living abroad.


Winters are spent?

Skiing, always skiing and always in the Alps

If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?

April to July in New York, August to November in Paris and the last 4 traveling and discovering…

Pierre Frey candles



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