Interview from London…Noor Fares

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I’d like to introduce you to the very beautiful and talented jewelry designer Noor Fares. The whole N.oor collection and its different ranges can bee seen on . After having studied at Tufts university in the US, courses in fashion PR and journalism at London College of Fashion and graduating from GIA she decided to pursue her greatest passion: jewelry.  We talk about her inspirations, collections and life in general….

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My bio is on my website for anyone who cares to see it but when it comes to a personal look at myself, I consider myself to be like other women my age but with the added experiences of traveling.  I am very fortunate to have seen a lot of the world and that has made all the difference to my outlook and personal style. At heart, I consider myself an artist that tends to view things around me from that perspective.

How did you get into jewelry design?

It started as a hobby, I would go to a jeweler with my ideas in order to get special pieces made, I got so many compliments and I loved wearing something that I created. Eventually my hobby turned into a career, and I couldn’t be happier

What are your inspirations and does anyone in particular inspire you?

Everything around me inspires me. Sometimes it can be a little thing like looking through a book on ancient art or walking outside and being inspired by a building. Its not one particular thing that inspires me, as for people who inspire me there are so many, but probably the biggest influence is my mother.  She is a true artist.

What kind of woman do you design for?

When I sit down to design something my ideas tend to flow from the things around me rather than focusing on who will wear them but, I would like to think that my jewelry can be worn by many one, young, old, male or female.

Tell us about your present collection?

Because my inspirations are so varied I have produced quite a few collections even though I have only been designing, officially, for a very short period. I don’t have one favorite piece, I have several. But if I had to choose one, it would be the very first piece I designed – a geometric amethyst pendant

Where can we buy your jewelry?

We sell through Harrods in London, and Aishti in Beirut. Pieces are also available

from our showroom in London.

What are your favourite stores?

Depends on where I am. I love Colette in Paris, in London I love Dover Street Market and wandering around street markets. In the middle-east, definitely the souks as well as the malls.  Honestly my favorite thing is just to discover something new and original.

What are your favourite restaurants?

There are a lot of places I like to eat and it also depends on where I am and what mood I’m in. There’s nothing like a home cooked meal and I’m lucky that my Aunt Sonia is such a fabulous cook – I frequently go to see her in Paris.  But my all time favorite thing to is rice and yogurt at home. I could live on it!

Your favourite brand and piece this season?

My favorite brand: Missoni.  My favorite piece: That would definitely have to be the new disco ball pendant (necklace) that we just added to the N.oor Collection.

You can’t live without…..?

My blackberry!!

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