Bally @ Art Basel 14th June

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The Swiss Heritage Luxury House Bally’s 2nd year of collaborative partnership with Art Basel continues with  project BallyLove #2. Both being Swiss it is a very organic union. I really am a fan of the brand – there is a very retro feel about it. This reminds me to soon post a Bally outfit- great clothes.

This year artist Olaf Breuning was inspired by Bally’s vintage posters below:

It reminded him of his own project called ” Marilyns”

To produce this:

This year you will be able to see the special piece he created at his studio for Bally in the form of a photograph. The actual products he designed in collaboration with Bally’s creative directors Michael Hertz and Graeme Fidler which include T shirts, bags, and women’s and men’s shoes in will be available for viewing only at Art Basel Miami in December and finally to be purchased from the Bally stores in 2012. In any case make sure to see the Bally booth at the Art Collectors Lounge at this year’s fair….

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