Interview from London…George Lamb

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When I first saw George I was blown away by  his allure. His style, reminiscent of 1960′s Amalfi Coast  with a hint of Britishness was just the glazing on top of his gentlemanly, eloquent and sharp persona.    As I don’t watch British TV very much apart from the news or the occasional Crimewatch I had no idea that he  is a very popular TV presenter. He also happens to be the partner of my friend designer Adrian Sauvage ‘s brand A.Sauvage that is very in demand in the UK.  We caught up at the  restaurant E&O in Notting Hill.

Considering that your father is a well known actor you did not follow  in his footsteps- how did you get into TV presenting?

I think acting is a transient business. I watched my father’s highs and lows and how his job played with him. He is a very proud man and it was not nice to see the how the uncertainty of the acting career messed with him.  My mother is an entrepreneur and she never encouraged me to get into acting. I started managing DJ mates in the 90′s- I was fully emerged into the world of dance music and clubbing and then when I spotted Lily Allen I decided to manage her. We made an album together but then people kept telling me that it was not it so I left that project. The album actually did very well.  When I reached my mid twenties I was a bit lost, did not know what to do and was ready to do just about anything! At this precise point a friend asked me if I wanted to present something on TV.  I realised that I really enjoyed working LIVE – the pure adrenaline of being live in front of the camera. I think I found my thing!

You were a sort of muse and private client of the brand A.Sauvage for a while. At what point did you decide to come on board?

I think I am quite good a spotting talented people and I knew he was a star when I met him so I came on board to harness this true talent. For three years he was dressing me and made me look better than I ever could.

I am a great fan of Adrian’s work, he is so talented. Tell us a bit more about the philosophy of the brand and those amazing suits?

I think the idea is to make clothes that make you feel like a man. Adrien is incorporating traditional tailoring with fashion. The experience with Saville Row tailoring is too traditional. On the other hand a lot of the clothes by fashion brands make you look like an 18 years old boy. We do ready to wear as well as made to measure suits. We try and simplify the made to measure experience for you-there won’t be a million different materials to chose from , shades, etc. Adrian will know what suits you best and of course will discuss with you the effect you are trying to achieve. Another little specialty of ours are double breasted jackets which are very 1920′s.  In fact , contrary to the general opinion, they make you look slimmer than you are.

You really are a style icon. Well, you would be for me if I was a guy….let us in on your dressing ritual, style secrets. Describe your style?

Once you have worked with Sauvage you really become very aware of fashion.  I am now almost more picky than Sauvage! I wear espadrilles quite often, have loads of unstructured jackets and vests.

Favourite pieces this season?

Acne vests, vintage YSL swimming trunks,espadrilles, unstructured A Sauvage  jackets.

Style Icon?

Andre 3000, Talented Mr. Ripley vibe, 1960′s Amalfi coast feel in general.

Fashion faux pas?

Double denim! Boot cut trousers.

Who wears your clothes?

Spike Jones, Terry Gilliam, Myles Kane…

Where can we buy A. Sauvage?

Harrods, Matches , Pop up store at Bluebird and soon opening a store on Maddox Street.

If you could live anywhere apart from London where would that be?

I will definitely live in Morocco at one point. Possibly South West France. Biarritz.


I will be presenting at the Clothes Show Live on BBC. Also the Podcasts of my radio show are available at Itunes. I really enjoy doing radio – the content is less restricted than in live TV.

How does it feel to have the entire UK female population drooling over you?

Terrible. Not sure if I have got them all drooling over me. Nice , isn’t it? I would prefer them to drool over my radio show- that is me- if you don’t like my radio show-you don’t like me.

Picture by Dylan Don

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