Interview from London…Cora Sheibani

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Cora Sheibani born Bischofberger is the daughter of the great art dealer Bruno Bishofberger who was immortalised on the silver screen  by Dennis Hopper in Julian Schnabel’s 1996 film Basquiat. Yes. This charming family situation resulted in Cora collaborating with the world’s greatest artists -”for fun” -when she was four years old.  The artists in question? Just to give you an idea – one was Jean Michel Basquiat .Francisco Clemente also did a portrait of her.  Well we caught up at her home to chat about her magnificent jewelry line which is like herself unique and authentic. Be warned -  big budgets apply but you do get real quality  as it is hand made and you  won’t see another person wearing the same piece as you. Also wearing pieces designed by someone who was exposed to master- pieces from early childhood and who constantly interacts  with some of the most influential artists  today is not a bad thing either.

How did you get into jewelry design?

Well, I don’t like most jewelry out there so I wanted to make jewelry I like. For example I bought two bronze antique rings and wore it when we were at school together. Then I wanted to get into packaging and design but realised I would be told what to do by the clients and my creativity would be halted. Also it would have involved a lot of time in front of the computer. I wanted to have complete creative freedom and yet be involved  with a  hands on approach. I studied at GIA in London.

Tell us a bit more about your designs?

My jewelry is handmade in Switzerland. I like to use rose gold in my creations as I feel it looks warmer on the skin.I also  choose the precious stones , sometimes according to the clients wishes. Quality,craft,understatement is my motto. It’s not seasonal jewelry as well. For example for my Copper Mould collection I collected cooper moulds from around the world and made a collection inspired by these (see below).

You produced a beautiful book about the Copper Mould collection which also features  real food recipes. How to make the desserts that you are carrying on your fingers! So wonderfully creative…..( )


There is also another book about your Valence collection with the foreword by another of this century’s greats:  Ettorre Sottsass , world famous architect and product designer. The text that he wrote is incredibly beautiful I must say….

He reacted positively to my designs from the beginning.

Price range?

From 2000£ to 70 000£

Where can we buy your jewelry?

Usually all sales are done by appointment at my studio. Otherwise you can see , try and buy my pieces at Peremeter in Paris, 21 Century jewels in London and Damien Hirst’s store Other Criteria in London.  You can contact me through my internet site

Where do you shop?

Trois Pommes and Jil Sander in St Moritz and Alaia in Paris and lots of vintage especially at William Vintage in London (

Favourite fashion designers?

McQueen, Akris, Alaia, Jil Sander and used to be Romeo Gigli.

Describe your style and your favourite fashion pieces?

I would imagine it being pretty eclectic? I dress around my jewelry, I do really like colour , especially green, in my wardrobe as my skin is very pale. I just bought a Jil Sander green skirt which looks like a sculpture and I will be wearing it to the V&A tonight with a black Alaia top. The Pleats Please yellow bag. I also really like  my McQueen  leopard patterned coat and my vintage Dior Haute Couture 1960′s dress  and the Alaia degradee dress.

1. Jil Sander skirt

2. Pleats Please bag

3. Alexander McQueen Coat

4 Alaia dress

Favourite artists?

Donald Judd amongst many others and I particularly like the interior in a rococo church in Germany-Vierzeheiligen – the frescoes inside have beautiful clouds on them- I guess this is where the idea for my next collection comes.

Tell me more about the decoration of this beautiful home:

Many things  were commissioned for this house. Barber Osgerby, who was just commissioned to do the Olympic torch, did amongst other things our sofas, chairs, kitchen dining table and carpet. Paola Petrobelli designed several lights. Then our house is filled with a mixture of other pieces from Marc Newson and Zaha Hadid to Frank Lloyd Wright.

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