Burberry to celebrate China-follow this event live from Beijing on my blog this wednesday, 13 April @ 1:30 pm

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As a great admirer of Christopher Bailey and Burberry’s innovative approach to social media and digital activity I will be hosting on my web page their incredible event, live from Beijing , for all of you to watch.  Burberry  will become the first luxury brand in China to use groundbreaking virtual image technology, combining live models with animated footage and life-like holograms with a fully immersive audio, visual and sensory experience connecting the physical and digital. The event will be watched online through burberry.com , partner sites and at key Burberry stores globally and will take place at Beijing Television Centre on a 2000msq sound stage which broadcasts to 90 million people a day. It will be a celebration of Burberry, Britishness, music and technology in China. Stay tuned…..

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