The “must have” spring summer 2011 bags

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Bag 1: Marni

Bag 2: Miu Miu

Bag 3: Mulberry

Bag 4: Burberry

Bag 1: Celine

Bag 2: Hermes

Bag 3: Proenza Schouler

Bag 4: Miu Miu

I’ve put together a selection of “the must have” day and evening bags that you can get in the stores now . I do believe that the right bag, shoes or jewelery can do wonders for  any outfit. So pick them wisely even though one never has enough of accessories.  I have intentionally left out the Chanel classic bag and the Hermes Birkin because EVERYONE is wearing them. I mean…I walk down Oxford street and every second person has the classic Chanel bag. Very sad. It’s become very “highstreet”. My mother gave me her Chanel bag which she bought in the 80′s when I was 12 and then I bought the black leather  version with  the silver chain in 2007. I wore it with everything until recently. People- try to be inventive and swap your Chanel bags for other similar looking bags. The Birkin as well- somehow it’s everywhere now. It does not bother me as much as seeing the Chanel one around but it’s still annoying. Hence I sold mine and wear the Kelly version. Apart from a couple of girls that know how to pull off the Birkin bag and make it look chic – the majority that wears it (big fur jackets, heavy heels and botox) look like “hi I just arrived on the scene + look at me” and super tacky. There I said it. Ouch. And also a big NO NO is logos. Please avoid any bags with logos. I don’t think I need to explain why.

Bag 1: Chloe

Bag 2: Fendi

Bag 3: Proenza Schouler

Bag 4: Stella McCartney

Bag 1: Proenza Schouler

Bag 2: Celine

Bag 3: Victoria Beckham

Bag 4: Alexander Wang

Bag 1: Genevieve Jones

Bag 2: Balenciaga

Bag 3: Proenza Schouler

Bag 4: Hermes

Bag 1: Anya Hindmarch

Bag 2: Butler and Wilson

Bag 3: Givenchy

Bag 4: Bottega Veneta

Bag 1: Lanvin

Bag 2: Pucci

Bag 3: Genevieve Jones

Bag 3: Sara Bataglia

Bag 1: Alexander McQueen

Bag 2: Meli Melo

Bag 3: YSL

Bag 4: Fendi

Bag 1: Givenchy

Bag 2: Bottega Veneta

Bag 3: Hermes

Bag 4: YSL

  1. Sibilla says:

    Thank you Sara, for making it impossible not to get one of these luscious bags. My wallet is very angry with you.

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