Interview from New York…Lauren Remington Platt

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I’d like to introduce you to my lovely friend Lauren who apart from having the  looks and wonderful manners  a is  savvy , independent and capable young lady. . Beauty+brain+manners rarely mixes together I find…..but in this case it ‘s a winning combination. She is the founder and CEO of Vensette- a house call professional make up and hair styling service for the multitasking women out there….

I feel like we have known each other for ages -  we met when you were studying at Columbia University in New York.  What did you major in?

I know, it has been ages!  We met when I was living in London for the summer.  Afterwards, I went back to Columbia, where I majored in English Literature.

You worked in a hedge fund/bank for a while. How was that?

I loved the intellectual stimulation of finance and working alongside colleagues who consistently inspired me. But in the end, there was not enough of a creative challenge to hold my interest long-term.  I love my job right now because I have the structured environment that I enjoyed having in finance, but also the ability to create innovative ways of looking at the beauty industry.

You are the CEO and Founder of Vênsette – how did you come about this idea and tell us a bit more about the concept?

Vênsette ( is a web-based company that sends professional hair and makeup artists to women’s homes and offices.  As a young professional female in finance, I was working long hours while also trying to keep a social life.  I would often have to go from the office to dinner or a fundraiser, and I realized there was no easy and viable way to get ready.  I knew that other women, whether full-time mothers or full-time professionals, were dealing with the same issue.

How did you come up with your business plan and the concept of a visual hair and makeup menu?

I was inspired by the universal consistency of Starbucks.  If you order a chai latte in New York or London, it is the same no matter who is behind the counter.  Consistency is the most important element of building a client’s trust in beauty services, yet it is often overlooked.

What do you hope Vênsette services will bring customers?

The concept of the Salon is antiquated.  Who has time to run around New York for a beauty appointment?  Our clients are multi-taskers and know the value of their time.  They should be able to get beauty artists to come to them!

What are your goals for the future of Vênsette?

We will be expanding into other beauty services soon, and launching Vênsette in other cities both nationally and internationally. Beyond that is a secret!

Describe your usual day…?

I normally start the day with my 6 am spinning class and am in the office by 8:15.  Mornings are usually spent responding to press and booking requests, afternoons interviewing and training new hair and makeup artists.  There is a lot of crossover between my personal and professional life, so after work I usually have a business dinner or event.  I need at least 9 hours of sleep to function properly, so I try to get to bed as early as possible.

Favourite pieces this season?

This incredible MaxMara white backless dress I can wear with a blazer to work and take off for after-work cocktails. Also, this cherry red Alexis Mabille Couture dress for evening.  For cocktail parties, a Giambattista dress, and for the weekend, my favorite J Brand Love Story jeans and Tod’s flats. (see below)

Describe your style?

Classic with a touch of irreverence.

Any fashion tips?

Don’t underestimate the impact a professional makeup artist can have on your look.

Beauty regime?

My office is filled to the brim with new product to sample for our hair and makeup menus, but I like to keep my own beauty regime simple; a moisturizing toner and cream, light foundation, toned lip-gloss and mascara.

Beauty tips?

I just discovered Gunilla of Sweden for skin care and I am obsessed!  They are organic and aloe-based, at a great price point.  I’m also in love with the lip-glosses from Estée Lauder, and the red lip liners from Lancôme.

Favourite designer(s)?

Armani, MaxMara, Loro Piana, Azzaro, Jonathan Saunders

Your most cherished possessions (fashion!)?

A beige crocodile clutch that was a gift from Mr. Armani.

Who inspires you?

Lauren Hutton.  My parents named me after her because my father thinks imperfect teeth give people character.

Who would you like to invite for dinner to your home that are no longer with us (God bless them)?

My grandfather.  I definitely inherited my style gene from him.  He was always classically and impeccably dressed.  His 1970′s Rolex watch is one of my everyday staples.

Carla Bruni or Christy Turlington?

Both….I admire Christy Turlington’s work on behalf of women in impoverished countries, and I love Carla Bruni’s irreverence.  Both are strong women with a powerful sense of self.  Confidence is extremely sexy.

Uptown girl or the Village?

Downtown!  I live in the West Village with my puppy, Falco.

Grace Kelly or Babe Paley?

Grace Kelly.  We have a scarlet red lip with a sweep of black eyeliner on the Vênsette menu named after one of her iconic makeup looks.

Some of the Vensette looks…

Summers are spent in….and winters…..

Summers in East Hampton and our family farm in Connecticut; winters in St. Barth’s.

Lauren’s style….

1. Carolina Herrera:

Hair:  Audrey

Makeup:  Cat

2. Alexis Mabille Couture:
Hair:  Siren
Makeup:  Grace Kelly
3. Vionnet:

Hair:  Heidi
Makeup:  CEO in Dunes


4. Valentino:

Haire:  Siren (pinned)
Makeup:  Grace Kelly

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