From Milan…Pucci Fall 2011 show

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The original Pucci, Emilio, who died in 1992, founded the label in 1947 in Florence, Italy. Three years later, he opened his first boutique, which was dedicated to resort clothing, on the island of Capri, before expanding into dresses featuring the kind of boldly colored, neo-psychedelic pop patterns that would become his signature. Pucci’s present designer- Peter Dundas re-defined Pucci’s image and transformed the clothes making them youthful, fun loving, sassy and very sexy. His fall collection shows again a sexy figure, embracing the bust (thank you Peter- I always love when designers embrace womenly curves). The influence is clearly Austrian, Tyrolean to be more precise with hints of Romy Schneider in Sissy. We can see all the allusions to Sissy’s corsets in the movie.

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